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People Resourcing - Essay Example

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People Resourcing Jobs and Work Name Surname Educational Institution Subject’s name (2802 words) The primary goal of corporate structuring is to develop the functions that the organisation is involved in and make the firm more proficient so as to maintain operations in the competitive environment…
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People Resourcing
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Download file to see previous pages Different organisations have different ways of allocating jobs and responsibilities to their workers. In many instances, the manufacturing process of a company will be divided into separate tasks that can be carried out by a number of employees. Specialised job responsibilities will allow organisational managers to match employees with tasks that are based on their competencies. This allows for employees to be able to focus on their specific areas of expertise. For instance, a corporation ought to employ engineers to carry out any design responsibilities and business experts cater to promotional aspects instead of giving more responsibilities to the present workers who might have some small talent in any of these areas. The law of comparative advantage verifies that this specialisation will end up yielding a higher output than would be achieved if the company used the existing workers to carry out these extra tasks. With specialised job assignment, every worker is trained to finish just one basic function. This is much more cost effective than would be the case if all the workers were trained to be able to work efficiently in more than one task. For example, if a corporation has need of an engineer and a semi skilled worker for tasks at the production line, specialised, in contrast to broad task assignment gives the company the chance to employ one partially skilled worker and one engineer (Von Krogh, 2003). With broad task allocation, the education level needed is typically of the highest level. Therefore, it will be more expensive for the corporation to employ two employees with college degrees than just one. Specialised task assignment is more cost effective than broad task assignment. Specialised task assignments have just one impediment are. This is the fact that they do not retain the knowledge used in some of the creative processes included in the process of manufacturing a product. For instance, if a company’s engineers have to plan for and create a new copier but do not take part in the production and advertising functions, they will not have the necessary feedback to create successful merchandise. This feedback will be traduced in consumers’ needs and future market opportunities. In addition, if just one employee is responsible for the assemblage, it is a likely thing that a worker will conduct his or her job with less care than if there were other workers. Also, to cut coordination costs, the functions of specialised workers have to be corresponding. For example, a firm can establish the procedures as well as methods needed to process a definite number of products in a given period of time so that technicians can make use of the same procedures to make other products. This calls for good coordination to exist between various product units. An organisation’s managers also have to ensure that the workers remain focused on their specific functions instead of the overall function of ensuring that the goods they produce are sold. For instance, the performance of the production division of a company could be assessed on the basis of the number of manufactured units, while the marketing division’s performance might be based on the number of transactions made; but if the quality of the goods is compromised, the sales numbers will begin to decline even though the marketing division’s performance stays high. Workers are more likely to develop closer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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People Resourcing

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People Resourcing

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People resourcing

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People Resourcing

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People Resourcing

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