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An evaluation of the effectiveness of security program for sensitive government buildings - Dissertation Example

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Security Program for Sensitive Government Buildings Introduction The purpose of this paper is to research security program model for sensitive government buildings. By reviewing all relevant existing literature on the subject and was concluded that the contemporary threats and risk management are related to the terrorism attacks…
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An evaluation of the effectiveness of security program for sensitive government buildings
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Extract of sample "An evaluation of the effectiveness of security program for sensitive government buildings"

Download file to see previous pages Some interesting cases studies as National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff , Corporation of London and Cabot Circus Shopping Center. Those examples proved the efficiency of the RIBA guidance in counter-terrorism measures. As recommended by RIBA architects and engineers should develop efficient security features with minimal cost extra. Therefore is important to valuate the security program costs. Kovacich and Halibozek in their book: “ Security Management: How to manage the cost of an assets protection program” developed a powerful tool for security professionals setting out to design cost-effective programs. Finally and based on the previous research were suggested recommendations to improve the security of sensitive government buildings in OMAN. Risk Factors Abkowitz defines risk factors as the elements which are at the source of the disasters. These elements are classified in 10 basic risk factors: . Design and construction flaws: these flaws are related to the design specification in building or major facilities construction. . Deferred maintenance: related to the use of the operation/building. Flaws during this stage should be prevented. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen so often. ...
. Schedule constraints: the control of the project schedule is also very important. Sometimes in order to accomplish a deadline some tasks are eliminated or some details are devalued. It can lead to error and sometimes to destructive outcome. . Inadequate training: In some kind of tasks the individual training is critical for a correct performance. Some organizations don’t invest as they should in the training of the employees. Therefore some flaws can occur. . Not following the procedures: this risk factor relates to the failing to follow procedure. In some organization the individual task is very well defined and documented by a procedure. When the procedure is not accomplished it can cause operational flaws. . Communication failure: this flaw is related to the communication between members of the same organization, between different organizations or between the organization and the public. . Arrogance: can lead into human flaw by underestimating the risk and can drive to insecure situations. Arrogance can appear also at the institutional level. At this level the arrogance is reflected in the culture of the organization. . Stifling political agendas: The governmental policies can lead into some risk. The political agendas are associated with the Terrorism. But the risk is not limited to the terrorist attacks. (Abkowitz, 2008). Contemporary Threats and Risk Management Nowadays the concept of security has been developed to a complex arena, including issues of health and safety, and components of risk evaluation and management, paying attention to a broader array of risks (forgeries, terrorism, emergency situations). Button in his work identifies the the pluralisation of security as one of the main trends security management ( Button, 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Security Program for Sensitive Dissertation)
An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Security Program for Sensitive Dissertation.
“An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Security Program for Sensitive Dissertation”, n.d.
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