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Case study on a restaurant operations management (Ks Biryani) - Essay Example

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K’s Biryani has the most promising chain of restaurants located in three different locations in Jeddah; the heart of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The chain of restaurants has worked in these locations for over three years and has an opportunity to grow and prosper in the upcoming years. …
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Case study on a restaurant operations management (Ks Biryani)
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Download file to see previous pages The restaurant currently has 35 working-individuals to meet the appetite of the customers with their delicious variety of food. With the help of these employees, the restaurant serves almost 250 individuals every day.
The chain of restaurant comprises of 2 takeaways and a restaurant. Each takeaway counter interacts nearly with 50 individuals each day while the restaurant has the capacity to serve 120 people during its operational time. The company was established in 2006 with an aim to provide its customers with high quality food to satisfy their appetite. Even though the company started with just a takeaway store, it expanded in terms of location and size in its forthcoming years. The company was just in its introductory stage when it opened its second takeaway outlet in 2008 and its third outlet; a restaurant, in the following year. With promising growth and opportunity ahead, the company is planning to inaugurate its third takeaway store in Jeddah; the heart of Saudi Arabia, in the second quarter of 2013.
To provide the customers with high quality and delicious food, the company has several expansion plans for the upcoming years. These plans include expansion and opening the company’s takeaway and restaurants at Jeddah Airport to attract as many customers as possible. Another plan of the company is to open their restaurant in the heart of Mecca and Medina; the two most holy places as it promise great business potential. The management of the company is based on hierarchical structure; the employees report to the manager, who then reports to the top management. The hierarchical structure could also be observed in the takeaway stores; two chefs, two cashiers, one cleaner and a delivery boy. The hierarchical structure eventually helps the company to earn 22,500 pounds on monthly basis. The company started its operation in June 2006 and during the next six months the company had to face lots of setbacks. The store was not even able to reach its break-even point due to which the company had to re-introduce its takeaway store with completely different marketing strategies. The re-launching decision was taken after critical analysis of the business with consistent feedback from the employees. After changing the marketing strategies, the company’s sales boosted rapidly due to which another location was added within a year. To eliminate any mistake from the senior management, the launching of second takeaway store was done under the guidance of external consultancy which was hired to set the basic operational policies and processes. The hiring of external consultancy was aimed to assure the senior management regarding the structured and transparent work culture in the company. With continuous improvement in terms of sales and stability, the company launched its first restaurant based on the management techniques; risk management, quality management, capacity planning etc. This report would provide extensive knowledge regarding the different operational management concepts applied by the company and the challenges ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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