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The relationship between organizational design and service behaviors in the hospitality industry - Essay Example

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It is an indisputable reality that organizational design or structure forms a principal determinant of competitive success for many organizations. It is not only an important source of innovation and growth but it also inflicts a phenomenal influence on customer satisfaction…
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The relationship between organizational design and service behaviors in the hospitality industry
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Extract of sample "The relationship between organizational design and service behaviors in the hospitality industry"

Download file to see previous pages Literature suggests that customers are the most important stakeholders in the hospitality industry as all operations carried out primarily focus on gratifying the customers’ needs. As the name indicates, providing service profitably to people with consistence in quality and creating an atmosphere to make every individual feel exceptional forms the hallmark of the hospitality industry (Hogan 2008). It is said that this industry is itself a part of a larger group of industries called travel and tourism industry and together hospitality and tourism make up the largest industries in the world (Walker 2009, p. 4). As one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the world, a vast amount of research is done as yet to evaluate the implications of organizational structure and service behaviors on the growth and success of this industry. “The hospitality industry includes the tourism lodgings, the catering companies, as well as the food and beverage departments operating within the lodgings” (Kapiki 2012, p. 2247). In addition to this, other sources suggest that the transportation services which include airlines, cruises, and trains, retail stores, and recreational event planning also makes up giant blocks of the hospitality industry (Kasavana & Brook, 2007). ...
helps in managing a smooth experience from check-in to billing (Reinhart 2012) and enables the employers to create a right impression on the community. It not only aids different organizations to maintain long-term success but also guides them to competitively struggle in the fierce marketplace as a way of meeting the customers’ dynamic preferences. Not only is the organizational design or structure the main factor influencing the organizational innovation (Lavado cited in Heydarinejad, Boushehri & Delfani 2011, p. 145) but also there is a growing need to incorporate flexible and organic structures where the personnel is especially trained to treat a diverse customer line and is given empowerment to participate in decision-making processes (Daft cited in Heydarinejad, Boushehri & Delfani 2011, p. 145). In the highly competitive present times, scrutinizing a range of organizational designs and approaches is critically important to retain success by any organization operating in the hospitality industry as a way of facing the competition and addressing the ever-growing demands of the customers (Caruana et al. cited in Heydarinejad, Boushehri & Delfani 2011, p. 145). Regarding the importance of service behaviors in the hospitality industry, it is claimed that “hospitality employees have the ability to affect the human experience by creating powerful impressions that may last a lifetime” (Walker 2009, p. 4). This is because since hospitality staff is under direct responsibility to serve people from diverse backgrounds, the customers’ future behavioral intentions are affected by the treatment they receive as they continue to get a taste of what the business is all about and how it is handled every time the staff interacts with them (Reinhart 2012). This essay ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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