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Strategic management: Samsung - Essay Example

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Strategic Management: Samsung Introduction Samsung Electronics is one of the most valuable technological companies in the world at present. Even though Apple Inc. is considered as the most valuable technology company in the world by many Americans, Asians think that Samsung is eligible for that spot…
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Strategic management: Samsung
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Extract of sample "Strategic management: Samsung"

Download file to see previous pages The presence of Samsung is felt in more than 61 countries at present. More than 200000 employees are working for Samsung at different parts of the world. Even though Apple Inc introduced some of the most modern technologies in mobile phones and tablets, Samsung had answer to every challenge raised by Apple. At present Samsung is believed to be the leader in mobile phone and tablet industry even though competitors such as Apple, Nokia, Sony Erickson are there. Moreover, they are the second largest semiconductor chip manufacturer in the world at present. This paper analyses the business strategies of Samsung with the help of market identification, PESTEL and SWOT analysis. Market Identification American and European markets were the potential markets for MNC’s in the past. However, recent recession caused huge financial problems in these regions and hence MNC’s like Samsung are looking for opportunities in Asian markets at present. It is often said that global wealth is shifting from less densely populated American and European region to the heavily populated Asian region at present. The emergence of India and China like heavily populated countries brought huge opportunities to Samsung. ...
PESTEL Analysis Political Samsung is facing lot of political problems nowadays. Its arch rival Apple has won a legal suit in America against Samsung. An American court has recently declared that Samsung has violated some patents owned by Apple and hence they should give apple a huge amount as compensation. Many people believe that American courts and government are playing political games to stop Samsung from becoming the world’s largest technology company. It should be noted that Samsung’s growth is indigestible to Apple and other American companies. At present Apple Inc. and Samsung are engaged in a fierce battle to capture dominance in global consumer electronics industry. Apple is the second best company in the world at present in terms of market capitalization. They have pushed even Microsoft far behind. The emergence of Samsung as a strong contender to the top spot is causing many problems to Apple Company. Apple succeeded in introducing world’s first touch screen phone (iPhone), at the beginning of 2000. However, Samsung bounced back with a strong reply in the form of Galaxy S2 and S3 series of smart phones. Even though Apple has recently introduced its most modern smartphone ( iPhone 5), early reports show that it failed to cause much problems to Samsung Galaxy S3’s supremacy in the market. Same way, Samsung is the second largest IC manufacturer at present. Many people believe that they may expel Intel from the top spot in near future itself. In short, American companies are facing strong challenges from Samsung at present and American political leaders and government are playing games to stop the progress of Samsung. At the same time, Samsung is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strategic Management: Samsung Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
“Strategic Management: Samsung Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”, n.d.
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