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Project management - sports pavillion at St. George's College - Essay Example

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The report is aimed at developing the pilot document for the construction project at St George’s College for facilitating the warden with accommodation and the committee room with extension of sports ground. The report highlights the importance aspects as well as steps in the project with focus mainly on activities that require input chiefly from the college management individually and also in collaboration with project manager…
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Project management - sports pavillion at St. Georges College
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Extract of sample "Project management - sports pavillion at St. George's College"

Download file to see previous pages PART A INTRODUCTION The project understudy is the construction work to extend and alter the sports pavilion at St George’s College and development of accommodation for Warden in and committee room. This project is taken as the critical opportunity mainly for the following reasons: The college is situated within densely populated area within city; hence, there is high risk associated with the construction work to be completed within defined frame. On-time completion is also critical as work is scheduled within holiday season. Project has high social value for the being provision of services to college. Successful accomplishment of the project is linked with the projects of two more schools. Hence, the project is taken with more responsibility orientation with client’s defined framework of task to be accomplished within time (most important), cost, quality and risk. PROCUREMENT ROUTES The procurement of the project is guided by three possible options which are as follows (Curtin University of Technology, n.d.): Traditional Approach Design and Construct Management Fee Each of the mechanism carries suitability for some while costing other. For the under study project; it is suggestible for the client to adopt the procurement route of Design and Construct with complete package by supplier variant. Design and construct entails hiring of the consulting firm (project manager) that develops design for the client’s requirement and further hires contractor for the construction services. It will facilitate client with a single point of contact as the management intend to have least involvement in overall construction process. It is also suitable for the college management based on their specification mentioned. Discussed below is the evaluation of the mechanism with respect to set criteria: Time: Fast tracked as the design and the construction can be carried in parallel. It also ensures the completion of the project on date which is very critical in the case understudy. Cost: It also provides accurate estimate of the cost. Quality: This method is since not as quality oriented as management fee method but ensure quality construction according to the defined needs of required construction. Risk: aligned with the need of the college management, this method also carries minimum risk on part of employer and almost all risk is born by contractor. Given below is the reflection of methods and associated risk: (Curtin University of Technology, n.d.) Hence, the procurement method of design and construct can be justified as the most suiting method to the need of college management with facilitating of a single contractual firm that integrates design and construction expertise and accountability resting within one firm. RISK MANEGEMENT Success of the project is not only dependent on the accuracy of planning but is also dependent on level of consideration given to risk management. Simple to state, risk is the probability of not achieving the stated goal, since single aim of every objective is to accomplish it successfully; hence it requires projects to identify, analyse, asses and manage likelihood and impact ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Project Management - Sports Pavillion at St. George'S College Essay.
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