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Project Management - Creativity and Standards Task - Term Paper Example

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The author of this paper analyzes the concept of project management research in an organization so that it meets its objectives under the set standards. The author of this paper analyzes these standards by choosing a profession as the basis of the research…
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Project Management - Creativity and Standards Task
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Download file to see previous pages The topic seeks to analyze publications and conferences that are relevant to the network engineering profession and their relevance to the profession. The paper looks at companies and organizations relevant to the profession and furthering career in such organizations. The network engineer profession entails internetworking of services in the telecommunication industry. It has the obligation of developing both hardware and software requirements for computers. Its main concern is the creation, design and the management of computer networks in the telecommunications industry. The profession also entails the development of a communication network topologies to enhance communication between various devices. All these obligations and responsibilities are carried out by a network administrator. A network engineer handles the computers in any organization by networking them and other devices so that there is communication in the organization via the computers. The network engineer also has the obligation of configuring the devices and designing an appropriate network topology for the organization.
Standards organizations and their standards
Standards are crucial in networking because they set a common platform for all manufacturers of networking products. It ensures uniformity in the making of these products and that they carry out this activity in a common way. It also makes the interconnection of networks for the various vendors easy and simple. Standardization of networking has the ability to kill or break these products (Bernstein, 2004, p.6). Many vendors today are reluctant to support any new technology that just comes up unless there is a standard base from which it is coming from. They want to be sure that there can be assurance and protection for their hardware and software in case of any failure.
This makes it impossible for vendors to release products that are in accordance with the set standards which are acceptable in the market. Therefore, standards ensure that any product released for use in the market is of good quality and that meets the set standards. There are many organizations that have the responsibility of setting these standards in the field of networking. They act as the source of these standards and they also give references. Some of these organizations devote themselves to setting the standards so that they ensure uniformity and compatibility of networking in the region and in the world (Grayson, 2011, p.83). This research paper seeks to look at five of these organizations and the standards they have set in this field. Some of these standards organization include the Organization of Standardization and many others that are discussed in this paper.
The Organization of Standardization (ISO)
The Organization of Standardization (ISO) has its basis in Paris but has many other branches in other countries all over the world. It is a leading organization in the setting of standards in the world. For instance, its branch in the UK is known as the British Standards Institution, while the one in the United States is ANSI. It sets standards in other areas related to networking like in educational institutions and research centers which deal with networking. Some of the standards that it sets include those that aim at establishing global standards in the communication and information sector. These standards are important to the future carrier of network engineering is that they promote open networking to enhance communication in all environments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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