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Starting up a new consultancy business for healthcare staffing in the US - Thesis Proposal Example

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Subject: 26 November 2012. Executive Brief: Starting up a New Consultancy Business for Healthcare Staffing in the US Context (What it is about/What it is): HR Problems in Healthcare Sector: Providing timely and adequate healthcare to their citizens is a major priority of countries across the world…
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Starting up a new consultancy business for healthcare staffing in the US
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Download file to see previous pages The American government accords top priority to this industry as it is the backbone of the nation’s progress. The report by the Industrial College of Armed Forces, Washington, suggests that in the US, healthcare is one of the “largest and most fragmented industries,” comprising “600,000” service providers of different types of care and it also accounts for “14 million jobs” (Healthcare: An Industry Analysis and Strategic Recommendation for the Future: Final Report 4). Thus, healthcare industry has high relevance in this country in terms of the revenue it generates and employment opportunities it creates. However, the industry currently confronts a lot of issues especially in the context of shortage of healthcare staff and particularly of nurses. This problem may entail shortfall in providing care to the patients, which may adversely affect the performance and reputation of the healthcare organizations. Therefore, filling up the vacancy of staff is one of the primary concerns of various hospitals as well as other healthcare service providers in the US. Viability and Prospects for a Healthcare HR Consultancy: The report by the Industrial College of Armed Forces, Washington, further finds that shortage of primary care physicians has prevailed in the country since long and “the number per 100,000 has increased from 118 in the year 2006 to 120 in 2010” (7). On the other hand, the report by Price Waterhouse Cooper’s Health Research Institute indicates that current trends predict the nurse shortage by 2020 to be ranging from “400.000 to more than 1 million” (What Works: Healing the Healthcare Staff Shortage 6). Therefore, various efforts are underway in an attempt to bridge the gap in demand and supply of doctors and nurses. Such efforts include “promotional campaigns, flexible work-study programs for advanced degrees and leadership interventions that promote the value of nursing and teaching” (23). Thus, a positive environment exists currently in the country in terms of job opportunities for nurses, which offers favorable conditions for recruiting nurses from overseas countries. At this state, launching a consultancy service for the recruitment of doctors and nurses from countries such as India, Philippines and China as well as other countries will be an attractive business opportunity in the US. World View (Why it is Important in the World): Abundant Resources: ` Developing Asian countries, especially India, Philippines and China are good sources today for talent hunting, especially in the areas of nursing. These countries are emerging as the economic powers of the future and coupled with it, many developmental activities have been undertaken in these nations in the past. These include improvement in the areas of education and technology and thus these countries have achieved great progress recently. Thus, they have talented and skilled workforce with a good sense of dedication and commitment to the profession they choose. Data on CGFNS, which is a qualifying test for nurses before they write the NCLEX examination in the US, for the years 2000 – 2006, indicates that “51838” Philippines, “24242” Indian and “1020” Chinese nurses appeared for the examination, for seeking immigration to the US (Brush 21). Thus, these countries are good sources for recruiting nurses for addressing the shortage of nurses in the US. Positive Environment: In the post ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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