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Ultimate Project - Essay Example

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Name: Ameen Alabdulaal Instructor: Dennis N. Coon Course: Date: Ultimate Project A project refers to a series of planned tasks (Hall 15). They are of many types depending on the goals. In this essay, construction project will be discussed.Construction projects are aimed at offering efficiency in the construction and building fields…
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Ultimate Project
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Download file to see previous pages Civil projects, on the other hand, are concerned with the study of public infrastructure such as roads, bridges and ports. In a construction project, members of a group subdivide themselves into design, financial advisors and legal teams. The three groups must work together to achieve results in the construction projects. When a construction project is taken seriously, and all its recommendations followed, it can lead to substantial achievements. A construction project is, therefore, a strong basis in the foundation of building construction. The following sessions were assistive in the course, and they are listed in line with their importance. In the above classifications, session one to eight had greater impacts on the construction project than the others. Introduction to Project Management The main topics, to begin with section four, are co-operation and togetherness. Co-operation entails offering assistance and having the willingness to assist in situations where possible (Taylor 45). When people work together, their productivity is increased. This is due to the belief that there is strength in numbers. Togetherness refers to the act of keeping closeness towards each other (Muller 43). Togetherness entails being united and acting as a group to boost levels of understanding. Some of the most essential aspects of this quality are in unlocking barriers that hinder teamwork. The importance of cooperation and togetherness cannot be underestimated under any circumstance. This session’s topic bears great relevance to the construction project. In a construction project, a lot of concentration is demanded. The group members need to come up with new techniques that are transformative in the construction sector. Members’ need should have a clear mind so as to note minor sensitive issue and discuss them effectively. This requires full concentration and cooperation. In these types of projects, every member’s contribution counts. Introduction to Finance In session five, focus and patience are the main topics. Patience refers to a virtue that enables people to wait for something to happen without hesitation. When a group is working on a project, they expect quality results out of the project. An excellent project requires a lot of time since the members have to execute conclusive and elusive research to determine facts. The members need to be patient in order to discover good results. Patience plays a substantial role in determining the success of any activity. Patience must be advocated every time since it carries the secret to success (Taylor 24). In our day-to-day lives, we encounter a lot. Sometimes we are faced with situations that are hard to manage, but we still make the right choices. When a person encounters something that is not clear to them, how they react to it matters a lot. When they analyze the situation, they can find ways of solving the problem (Taylor 4). The same scenario is faced by people who are handling a project. Construction project relates deeply to these virtues. When members are conducting research and trying to come up with meaningful ideas, they are faced with a lot of challenges that might makethem lose their patience. Members have to search deep into books to find hidden information that will assist then in perfecting their projects. Patience and focus, in this case, will give them perseverance. Business Development Business Developm ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ultimate Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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