Intersection of energy and international transport management - Thesis Example

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Intersection of energy and international transport management 1. Introduction: The world today is going through different phases of change. This change is not only confined to teetering towards culture, countries, architecture, literature, technology or any other matter in this regard…
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Intersection of energy and international transport management
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Download file to see previous pages Countries around the world have realized the fact that they are interdependent on one another, and their survival is dependent upon sharing of resources or in simple words exchanging the resources. As no country on this planet earth is self sufficient in all regards. It requires help and assistance of other countries in order to achieve development and to provide ameliorating ambiance for the masses. Considering this concept globalization came into existence, which has resulted in changing the shape of the world. with the advancement in different fields of life for instance technology, transportations, industries, health and care etc., and through sharing of cognition, experiences using computers and internet have revolutionized this world. As a result countries around the world on the daily basis share resources through import and export. Conventionally orthodox approach was put into practice i.e. they only traded basic necessities of life, however this approach was later changed (with the passage of time) with the modernization and globalization of the world. At present countries around the world are importing and exporting varieties of different products, no matter its cars, railway engines, airplanes, electronic gadgets, arms and ammunition, medical and healthcare equipments, agriculture and livestock, clothing, construction materials or it may be even the sources of energy like petrol, solar panel cells, bio gas, uranium, nuclear energy etc. Albeit there are varieties of products that countries export or import, however key focus is given in this research paper on the trade of energy sources with reference to international transport management. Abundance in Energy is the integral, prime and key most requirements for any country in order to entertain the purpose of development. As there is no concept of a developed country if that particular country does not have enough resources in terms of catering its energy needs. However countries in order to cope up with this problem import energy sources (different types of energy products like oil, bio gas etc.) from other countries and store these different energies in their reservoirs so that these energy products can be succinctly used in the future. As energy plays significant role in terms of contributing towards the economy of the country, with it, energy is the basic driving force for the innovation in technology or it is the basic requirement for technological advancements. Moreover since technological advancement has been carried out all over the world these days, therefore massive resources of energy should be available for them as the advancement in technology is dependent upon the availability of energy. Consequence this has not only resulted in increasing the use of energy but it has also resulted in creating more demand of energy as well. As energy is utilized in carrying out industrial and home work or if it is said that energy is the basic ingredient for the survival of the country or masses, that this statement would not be wrong. In terms of consumption of energy by different people or countries around the world, energy consumption or the demand of energy varies across the globe. If generalizing the situation one can classify easily that the countries that are developed or first world countries they consume more energy as compared with the third world or under developing countries. Moreover according to Yergin (2011) another classification can be made in terms of climatic conditions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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