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Managing For the Future: Mobile Telecommunication Network (Nigeria) Introduction This report conducts and presents an audit of the management’s track record at Mobile Telecommunications Network (Nigeria). Management approach and style would be reviewed in three function areas – corporate social responsibility, environmental issues and crisis and catastrophe management…
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Managing for the future: Mobile Telecomunication Network (Nigeria)
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Download file to see previous pages Launched in 2001, MTN, with the vision to be the leaders in emerging markets, now provides services across 223 cities and town in Nigeria, and in more than 10,000 villages and communities. Despite the poor infrastructure and the militants’ insurgency MTNN has been able to develop a customer base of 30 million in Nigeria. MTN has managed to retain its position as the largest operators in terms of subscriptions. It also offers value-added services such as mobile TV, MTN Google to attract customers (Pyramid Research, 2010). The company thrives on the core brand values of integrity, relationship, leadership and innovation. With its focus on quality customer service, MTN Nigeria has also induced economic growth and development in the region. Within eight years of operation, MTNN could capture 50% of the market share in Nigeria and became the largest operator with 30 million subscribers (Goodluck, 2010). Their vision is to be the leader in telecommunications in emerging markets. Its only competitor, Vodacom, withdrew from the South African market, and with Nigeria having inadequate telecommunications network, MTN managed to get a stronghold in the Nigerian market (Strategic Direction, 2006). MTN Nigeria proposes to invest $1.3 billion to upgrade its network over nine months. By the end of 2012 they expect to have 4000 sites with more environment friendly hybrid power systems (Global Telecoms Business 2012). MTN’s vision is to be a catalyst for the economic growth and development not only through world class communication system but also through innovative and sustainable CSR initiatives (Adeyanju, 2012). Their focus since inception has been to build a first-class network, excellent customer service, and value-added services aimed at enriching their customers’ lives (Goodluck, 2010). Towards this, MTNN has invested over $4 billion US Dollars in network infrastructure and they now have the largest privately owned fibre optics system in Africa. Section One MTN Managerial approach in the past seven years The managerial approach of MTNN towards CSR, towards environmental concerns and towards technology implementation is being discussed below. Corporate Social Responsibility MTN Nigeria instituted the MTN Foundation in 2004 to drive its CSR initiatives in Nigeria. MTN Foundation has become a model for corporate citizenship and covers portfolios such as economic empowerment, education, health, working against poverty (Mordi, Opeyemi, Tonbara & Ojo, 2012). By way of offering micro-finance loans, MTN has empowered the rural people to start their own telephone business. This is aimed at alleviating poverty and creating wealth in the rural areas. On the health front, MTN has partnered against malaria and AIDS while they also provide integrated care and support to the orphans and the vulnerable children in Nigeria. Overall, MTN Nigeria claims to have a robust three-dimensional approach to CSR (Goodluck, 2010): Good corporate governance Value-addition to society through their products and services Corporate social investments through MTN Foundation Their initiative, through MTN Foundation, has made a huge impact and has become a model for corporate citizenship, according to their own version (Goodluck, 2010). They also claim that this is endorsed by all the stakeholders, namely the Government, Regulators, other beneficiaries as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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