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Various innovations influence the evolution of the automotive industry such as fuel, vehicle machinery, manufacturing practices and societal transformation. Other influences outside the industry include changes in the markets, changes in business structures and suppliers…
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Automotive Industry Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Tichy (20-23) describes that the major evolution in the automotive industry is the introduction of the engine. The development was after the discovery of energy carrying means that include new fuels, and steam used in the 1700s. The new fuels in the 1800s included gas and gasoline. Later in 1876, there was the introduction of 4-stroke engine that involves the internal burning of gasoline fuels. In the same year, in Europe and America, there was an establishment of the first motor vehicle. In early 1900, the automobile industry introduced new technologies such as steering wheel and an accelerator. These two facilitated the growth of the industry, as vehicles became easier to operate. In the same years, societal developments occurred in America where they would provide a foundation for the production of automobiles. The government also introduced driver’s licenses and issued them to citizens. They opened many service stations and car sales improved with planned time payments. Many models were introduced in the same year, such as Ford and other designs, where cars assumed another appearance. In the 1910s, societal development, as well as technologies, improved significantly. This facilitated the introduction of new methods of manufacturing and improved business strategies. Choudhury (1) shows that in the US, the roads were safe for users after the introduction of traffic rights and road signs. In 1913, Henry Ford launched his assembly line that facilitated mass production of vehicles, therefore, gaining the economies of scale. The renowned assembly line of Ford had the mass production idea process where they operated through compatible and ordinary parts. The workers making these vehicles started moving to other companies and merged with, for instance, GM that bought Chevrolet. According to Darlington (1), during the 1920s, there were more improvements of social infrastructure, development of various practices, designs and more companies merged with other automobile companies, for example, Ford merged with Lincoln and Chrysler later merging with Dodge. The US government and Bureau of Public Roads also introduced a Bill that facilitated completion of various road projects and formulating of national road system policies. There was also development in manufacturing where there were improved practices leading to the accessing of and assembling satisfactory cars according to customers’ needs. The companies that manufacture automobiles, such as Ford, focused upon the production of one type of model while others, such as GM, took on product variety as a new production strategy providing various models. This strategy helped in increasing the market share of the company by about 20 percent reducing the competitors’ market share. In 1930s, the industry saw the development of several brands of vehicles from different companies. The new trend was also felt in consumer preferences where most of them distinguished the European and American markets. Consumers in the US market liked comfortable and large cars while those in Europe preferred smaller and economical cars. In the same years, companies such as GM continued to use their competitive strategy of producing a variety of models and it increased its market share against Ford that was losing customers. During the World War of 1940s, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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