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My views on leaders and leadership - Essay Example

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Leadership Essay Introduction Leadership is considered as the authoritative capability to guide and direct people (followers) towards the accomplishment of particular objectives. Leadership is mainly the fundamental element of an organization in today’s era where they are provided with duties to share the organizational objectives along with its visions to the entire system with due consideration of the opinions of employees…
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My views on leaders and leadership
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Download file to see previous pages It is worth mentioning that effective leadership is vital for organizations in order to survive in today’s challenging business environment (Jackson, 2011). The paper will describe a reflective essay on the conception of leadership which I have observed during my career progress. The objective of the paper is also to describe the most competitive and effectual leadership approach which I have undergone during the journey of my professional life. My views on leaders and leadership According to my perception, leaders guide the followers. If no one follows a particular person willingly, then he/she cannot be termed as a leader. The word “leader” in my sense is that person who perceives an overall understanding of the operational and managerial duties to be accomplished within an organization (such as a school or a business establishment). Leaders always take the key position in fulfillment of responsibilities or series of tasks. However, the imparting of the title “leader” alone is not sufficient to define the philosophy of true leadership. It is my subjective opinion about the leader that a person’s distinct and specialized strengths can place the basis of his/her leadership achievements to be labeled as a leader. Contextually, the central leadership power and personalities are related with personal and special strengths. The leadership strength is again observed to be linked with a particular career, the assigned job roles and duties of a person (Jackson, 2011). In this regard, I have found that no precise and replicable association subsists between individuals in the leadership role and the certain personalities or strengths of those individuals associated with leader. In an organization today, the leadership and followership are positioned in the progressively complex, undefined and dynamic business context with numerous realities on the basis of several values, urgencies and requirements (Jackson, 2011). My views on followers and followership According to my viewpoint, the ideology of true leadership necessitates decent followers. Followers can be personified in numerous ways, who are employees, citizens, investors and individuals having faith in their leaders. My belief is that leadership cannot happen without an effective leader-follower association. Yet, at times, frequently followers are given less priority in the leader-follower relationship and are observed with a negative implication. Several professionals believe that becoming a follower is the second appropriate alternative for a person to become a leader. However, my viewpoint perceives that being an effectual follower is just as significant and necessary as being a successful leader. Often, it can be observed that before a person ends up as being an effectual leader in an organization, he/she initially had played the vital role of being a follower with efficiency. Essentially, followership is the capability or readiness of a person to follow the leader. As leadership is incomplete without followership, no matter how the followers are labeled, they are just central to the ideology of leadership, being equivalent to the importance of organizational leaders (Ricketts, 2009). Leadership theories and experiences The leadership theories serve as a framework ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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