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As such, CSR has been considered as contributing to the success and growth of companies in the current period. CSR creates a respectable image and name for the brand, which contributes to the growth of the company (Porter and Kramer, 2002). …
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CSR and Environmental Disasters: BP Oil and Exxon Mobile Disasters
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Download file to see previous pages However, some scholars have casts doubt regarding the motivation of organizations regarding the adoption of CSR programs or policies. Lin-Hi (2010) claims that the boundary between gaining a solid reputation that creates a media mileage, a reputable name and image for the company and CSR are blurred. Some scholars are saying that companies are doing the rhetoric of CSR, but in reality, a continued disregard of the ethical approach in doing business and a blatant disregard of the social, environmental, political and economic obligations of the corporations are observed (Banerjee, 2008).
This scenario is especially true in critical cases wherein there is a blatant violation of CSR (Vaaland and Heide, 2008). Critical cases in CSR are those events where the social irresponsibility of the company has resulted into significant damage into the community or injury to the identified stakeholders of the organization (Vaaland and Heide, 2008). Unfortunately, critical cases in CSR are isolated cases. In the past 30 years, numerous cases of corporate irresponsible behavior have solidified the position that CSR seems to be valid only in the books but not in reality (Reis, Betton and Pena, 2004). This condition raises the issue regarding the continued significance of CSR in the current time (Lin-Hi, 2010; Reis et al., 2004). In this research, CSR will be evaluated vis-a-vis critical cases that have been observed in the oil industry. The study will focus on the case of Exxon and BP Oil. The study has selected to focus in these two cases because “accidents” resulting to environmental disasters such as oil spills, chemical leaks and other similar accidents have been consistently causing massive ecological and human destructions (Islam and Islam, 2011). In this regard, the study will look into the impact of critical cases like Exxon and BP Oil to CSR. It intends to determine the issues and problems that it gives rise in connection with CSR. Finally, it seeks to find some possible solutions to these concerns. The study is significant as it concerns with recent critical incidents, which have an increased risks of happening again because the cause is not merely technical, but also involve mismanagement (www.bbc.co). In addition, the study can provide a new insight to CSR. The researcher deems that this is crucial because, in the historical development of CSR, it is inferred that it developed as a response to clamor from people to put a rein on the apparent disregard of companies toward their responsibility to society who gave them the license to operate (Mirvis, 1994). In a similar condition, CSR is now being challenged by the exact same ethos that brought its inception – socially irresponsible acts of firms. The paper is organized in this way. The first part is the introduction where the focus of the study is given, the significance of the study and its structure are presented. The second part will deal with a brief discussion of the definition of CSR. This is essential as it provides the rationale for understanding the concept of CSR. The third segment is the presentation of the facts of the two cases under study, while the fourth section will show the impact and the issues that are raised by these critical events to CSR. The fifth section will be presenting some possible solutions to the identified problems. Finally, the conclusion will be provided. Hopefully, in the end a better understanding of the current predicament of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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