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Diversity in Organizations - Term Paper Example

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Running Head: Diversity in Organizations Diversity in Organizations [Name of Institution] Diversity is the norm of today’s corporate culture. It is very difficult to survive in this competitive environment without embracing diversity in the organization…
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Diversity in Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages Corporate trainers design programs which can certainly help organizations to implement diversified culture in the organization. However if diversity is not going to be managed properly then it can affect the overall productivity of the organization. Human Resource Management department has an important role to play for management of diversified culture in the organization. HR managers should create awareness among employees of the organization. They should focus on an idea that one single employee can not do much for the betterment of the organization. Employees can only bring change in the organization through their collective effort. They can not do anything positive individually. Employees are the main force of the organization that has to carry out day to day work in order to bring productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Employees often enter into the organization with diverse background. Therefore sometimes it becomes difficult for managers to manage them effectively. Managers of the organization should realize it as strength. Employees need to understand certain dynamics of this diversity since it can help them to achieve strategic goals of the organization. Top management should also reflect acceptability for diversity through their actions and behaviors. Relevant behaviors of the employee should be reinforced so that they could also realize that which particular type of behaviors is acceptable within the organization. Diversity can also become one of the distinguishing characteristic of the organization if it can be managed properly (Bell, 2006). One thing should be very clear when it comes to the implementation of diversity programs in the organization; the thing is that organization should know what diversity actually means in the context of their corporate culture. The differences of culture and the different ways of doing things should be respected by the management of the organization if it wants to implement such program. There are many differences which employees can bring to the organization. These include color, sex, race, religion, diverse educational background etc. However one thing will be common in these highly diversified employees that are to achieve organizational objectives efficiently and effectively. Clarity about specific benefits associated with diversity programs should be communicated to the employees so that they may know that what type of benefits they are going to be offered if they help organizations toward the implementation of such programs. New employees should get proper orientation so that they can also embrace diversity of the organization. New employees can easily accept such programs since they have not seen the past programs of the organization (Anca & Vega, 2007). Managers can mold these employees in a way which is required by the organization. There are many organizations which are accepting diversity in order to make their presence global. Experts are also of the opinion that organization having diverse workforce can approach different problems in a unique way. They have knowledge base which is quite diverse in its approach and thinking. Therefore they are also in a better position to solve contemporary issues in a unique way. Managers should also arrange training and development sessions so that employees can understand diversity programs in a more formal way. Employers can further enhance the utility of diversity programs by linking some part of their compensation to their diversity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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