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Name of student: Corporate finance BUSINESS PLAN FOR Eco-Super Scrap Metals LTD 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1 BUSINESS DESCRIPTION The business firm will operate under the name Eco-Super Scrap Metals LTD and will particularly deal with collecting, treating then selling to metal processing industries within the states…
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Corporation Finance
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Download file to see previous pages These firms are targeted owing to ever growing demand for metals because of its high value that has constantly soar especially iron and aluminum, that up to present is being recycled whenever possible as a result of the value of their physical and chemical characteristics. The Business will be of great importance to its clients (processing companies) as it will save them energy and resources in collecting and treating the scrap metals. 1.3 MAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION PLAN Eco-Super Scrap Metals LTD management will consist of many employees and self-employed persons contracted by the company. However, the executive management team will consist of general manager, accountant, casual laborers and permanent and pensionable employees such trainers, supervisors and coordinators, who will be manning the sites and training other employees on health and safety of when working within the company. 1.4 OPERATIONAL AND PRODUCTION PLAN The premise and other basic utilities such as operational services like electricity will be acquired on rental basis rental bill being paid on monthly terms. However, the business machinery and fix assets such as, treatment plants and other essential paraphernalia like computers, printers, photocopier and furniture will be owned by the business as the initial capital fixed assets. 1.5 FINANCIAL PLAN The starting Capital will be $1,000,000 inclusive of operational capital of $ 700,000. The businesses will obtain this initial capital from owners’ personal savings, amounting to $. 200,000 and a funding through bank loan of $ 800,000. 2.0 BUSINESS DESCRIPTION Eco-Super Scrap Metals LTD main business will be collecting the scrap metals from the environment and treating these metals before trading them to metal processing company. In doing so, it will also be committed to clean environment, making it safety for habitation 2.1 Business Name The business will operate under the name Eco-Super Scrap Metals LTD. This business, given that it is not a new business idea in the region, will be subjected to competition from other firms of similar business. The business commences its operation soon after meeting the qualifications requirements imposed by the regulation bodies and registrar of business. 2.2 Physical Location Eco-Super Scrap Metals LTD will be concern with collecting the scrap metals from the building sites and also will have a centered point for collection in East London next to A13 motorway, to facilitate easy connection with the city. 2.2.1 Mission Statement The mission of the business is to collect and sell treated scrap metals to metal processing firms, before it goes to landfill, and in doing so, clean the environment for sustainability for habitation. 2.2.2 Vision To be the leading scrap metal industry in the entire Europe and outside the continent 2.2.3 Core Values i. Quality- The business main concern is on its customers and environment and so will strive to serve them diligently and upgrading the environment in its effort to be excellent through evaluation and continuous improvement. ii. Efficiency- Being efficient and effective in our mode of operation and give the best at all the time. iii. Passion- Concentrating on the work we do in both our minds and heart to give the best. iv. Accountability- Taking responsibility of our actions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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