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GRP Systems Ltd. (GSL) - Supply Chain Management - Essay Example

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GRP Systems Ltd. (GSL) Supply Chain Management (SCM) Leena Abstract- This report analyzes GRP Systems Ltd.’s competitive position in the niche market of sewage water treatment in South Coast, England and Wales. Although the company has core competencies in providing ‘package’ treatment, it still lags behind in addressing the changing requirement of the market in terms of standards and increased capacity…
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GRP Systems Ltd. (GSL) - Supply Chain Management
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Download file to see previous pages This also helps it retain its competitive advantage in the future. Table of Contents About GSL Competitive analysis- SWOT analysis GSL’s competitive advantage and SCM Stakeholder analysis- BCG Matrix Conclusions and recommendations References GRP SYSTEMS LTD. – SUPPLY CHAIN ANALYSIS This report analyzes GRP Systems Ltd. (GSL) market in terms of its competitiveness to assess its ability to cater to a high-end market for 500-1500 pe in the sewage water treatment niche. This analysis is important for GSL’s sustenance in the present market conditions where its core business of catering to 50-500 p.e. (population equivalent) market is soon becoming obsolete with 500-1500 p.e. market gaining importance in the region. The company’s strengths and weaknesses and its supply chain management will be analyzed for this purpose. About GSL GRP Systems Ltd. (GSL) is a South Coast, England based manufacturing company that has grown from providing repair and maintenance operations to sailing yachts to suppliers of septic tanks for small properties which are not yet connected to the main sewage system. Over the last 6 years, GSL has become a key player in the ‘package’ sewage treatment services which they identified as a niche market. It provides services to water treatment plants, pubs and hotels among others. It serves its niche market with a 50-500 p.e. with its small ‘package’ sewage treatment solution and has a 25% market share in England and Wales. The solution includes sinking a tank into holes dug in the ground and filling the tank with structured media in which bacteria are allowed to grow that feed off the sewage to neutralize water. Competitive analysis- SWOT analysis Strengths- GSL has a 25% market share in England and Wales for its small ‘package’ sewage treatment solution that offers low cost treatment of water. This segment of the market has few players and the company has a strong hold since 6 years with potential to expand to the 500-1500 p.e. segment. Its speed of service is its major strength which the company is yet to leverage on to gain a higher market share. Its pricing is also a key strength as it offers cost-saving tanks that can be buried underground unlike the costly steel tanks that are installed above ground which is mostly disapproved. GSL’s technical expertise is also considered on par with the required standards although the tanks are not as robust as the steel tanks. Weaknesses- GSL is short of leveraging its core competencies in expanding its market to the higher-end niche of catering to 500-1500 p.e.. It is also short of manpower as it uses limited manpower who are experts in their respective fields. High lead times for sale and delivery of the services along with low profitability (5%) and high overheads (20%) is a constraint on the company’s business. Procurement of inventory for the tanks along with high cost of labour is another factor restricting GSL’s growth. Opportunities- GSL can leverage its core competencies in terms of low cost ‘package’ sewage treatment solutions to expand its business to cater to the higher end market of 500-1500 p.e.. GSL can also try to devise effective strategies to address the need to cater to custom design solutions through its expertise that it can leverage along with its effective delivery. The company can also train its staff to meet the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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