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Management. Business function and processes (Tourism) - Research Paper Example

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TUI, abbreviated for Touristik Union International, was established in 1968 with headquarters located at Berlin, Germany. TUI is the largest integrated tourism group in Europe, lagging far behind its competitors with a turnover of about € 21,866 million in 2008…
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Management. Business function and processes (Tourism)
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Download file to see previous pages During next few years, TUI developed and changed its production from industrial segment to a modern tourism and shipping company. The general credibility of the TUI is quite excellent. Strategically today TUI is the largest and leading tourism and shipping organization of the world, operationally active mainly in Central, Northern and Western Europe while it has the networks across the Europe as well. The inventory of TUI is decorated with hotels, restaurants, retail stores, container ships, travel agencies and airlines. TUI has €14,917.5 million current and non-current net assets and liabilities (Interim Annual Report, 2009). On December 2008, TUI had 70,200 employees (TUI Annual Report, 2008), 285 hotels with 163,000 beds in 28 different countries including 84% four or five star hotels, 79 tour operators in 18 countries, 120 aircraft, 10 cruise liners, and 443 subsidiary companies ( At present, TUI AG has 43.3% shares in Hapag-Lloyd AG. During the fiscal year 2008, TUI had revenue about €759 million.
One of the unmatchable entrepreneurial landmarks of TUI is its continuous structural progress and upgrading services offered to worldwide customers. Contrary to its rivalries, TUI is very successful in both the tourism and shipping divisions because of its advanced attractive products and services as well as the expansion of new and strong brands. However, the performance of TUI has been affected badly due to ongoing war against terrorism, natural calamities, global recession and lack of customer confidence. Prior to 9/11, TUI had more dynamic growth from 1995 to 2001. Post 9/11 affects really restricted the TUI’s expansion strategy especially in various countries of Asia. Since China is an emerging market, therefore TUI had planned a broad strategy but war in Afghanistan and its further affects in Pakistan kept TUI to hold up its venture in China ( In such political and military situations, TUI decided to launch its new segment in the form of a network of fast food outlets in major cities of UK and Greece instead of Asia. The long term success of TUI in Europe also forced its top management to expand the company’s growth into competitive markets of Eastern Europe. With the intention of mounting its potential, developing activities, and to attain a sustainable lead against its rivalries, TUI has decided to launch its tourism network in the markets of UK and Greece. In the first phase of its new project, 10 fast food units ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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