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Change Management Strategies for coping with Customer Contact Centre dynamics in CLP - Dissertation Example

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Change Management Strategies for coping with Customer Contact Centre dynamics in CLP. Abstract This research aims to develop change management strategies for coping with customer contact centre at CLP, Hong Kong. The research uses literature review to establish how job satisfaction impacts on performance, productivity and retention and hence places the problem at CLP as that of low job satisfaction resulting from the restructuring of the organization…
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Change Management Strategies for coping with Customer Contact Centre dynamics in CLP

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Download file to see previous pages The empirical research found that the employees had low job satisfaction, and were largely dissatisfied with all the above factors. The research next presents a framework of change management strategies using Lewin’s force field analysis and Kotter’s model of change, to develop targeted strategies that can lead to better job satisfaction. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction-------------------- ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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