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Trade commission - Essay Example

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Part I: Identification of Organizational & Managerial Problems at the Trade Commission. The case study focuses on the organizational and managerial problems of the entity. First, Mr. Clark’s management skill is defined as abrupt, intuitive, and incremental rather than logic…
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Trade commission
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Download file to see previous pages Mr. Clark is tied down by his Ph.D. studies. His quality time given to accomplish assigned tasks is reduced. Further, Mr. Clark has trouble prioritizing his job responsibilities. Mr. Clark prioritizes the Economics seminars over his responsibility in the company. He prioritizes making and attending arrangement of the Economists’ Association. Consequently, he cancels meetings with the Consul-General. Mr. Clark should be held accountable for his actions. Delegation does not absolve Mr. Clark of his responsibilities, as superior (Rees & Porter 116). Mr. Clark does not resolve Mr. Allen’s overburdened job responsibilities. One reason for the excess job responsibilities is Mr. Allen’s marriage to a local resident. Mr. Allen’s expertise in the local language gives Mr. Allen an added advantage. Because of Mr. Allen’s mastery of the local language, Mr. Clark assigns Mr. Allen to handle all local enquiries. Consequently, Mr. Allen communicates and enters into agreements with all business contacts. Further, Mr. Allen helps Mr. Briggs craft reports to the Ministry of Commerce, during the first few months of Mr. Briggs arrival in the country. Mr. Clark should be made accountable for the effects of Mr. Allen’s overburdened responsibilities. Mr. Allen’s work overload results to delays and poor quality work outputs. Mr. Allen actually handled Mr. Briggs’ work, a new employee. Mr. ...
Many very important persons and businessmen with significant relationships were invited. However, the original list of visitors was reduced from 50 to 30 invited guests. Miscommunication will trigger dissent among peers. Second, Mr. Clark should be made accountable for not involving his assistants in the transfer design of the whole government office (including the Consul-General’s staff) to a modern commercial building. When Mr. Clark was away for a two-week holiday, nobody could follow up important business matters because neither Mr. Allen nor Mr. Briggs knew what kind of wood and carpet colour Mr. Clark preferred. Consequently, the office decoration work was stopped until Mr. Clark returned for work. Third, Mr. Clark should be made accountable for the confusion cropping up regarding the use of the company’s official car. The Commission has a Mercedes Benz, which both Mr. Allen and Mr. Briggs is also entitled to use. However, Mr. Clark likes to ask the driver to wait for him at l0.00 am every day where Mr. Clark resides. This meant that either the Assistant Trade Commissioners also have to wait inside the official car for him or they have to proceed to the Commission by other means of transport. Both Mr. Allen and Mr. Briggs felt that they were refused some of their entitled benefits. Further, Mr. Clark must be accountable for abuse of official time. Mr. Clark wrongly prioritised the Minister’s needs over official needs. When the Minister’s family visited the city, Mr. Clark put aside his work. He spent two days accompanying them shopping around. Occasionally, when Mr. Briggs calculated the balance of the Commission’s account, he found that Mr. Clark had bought meals for his friends and family and debited ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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