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ICT Use at Hollow Meadows Health & Spa Resort - Essay Example

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The paper will look at methods going to be implemented to promote the concept and the third part will evaluate the anticipated problems in the implementation and management of the information system as well as potential security issues that can be encountered…
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ICT Use at Hollow Meadows Health & Spa Resort
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Extract of sample "ICT Use at Hollow Meadows Health & Spa Resort"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the hospitality business of Hollow Meadows Health & Spa Resort is conceptualized on the idea of offering services in the following areas: weight loss programme, exercise, nutrition, well being, nutrition and healthy cooking classes, Spa, romantic weekend getaways for couples, outdoor activities as well as bar/pub and restaurant. The main idea behind the business concept is to maximise revenue and occupancy through targeting several markets given that there are few organisations offering unique fitness training holidays to reduce weight and to start a new life with a healthy regime and lifestyle. The concept of business is further supported by the idea that the surrounding areas and the premises would give a great ground base towards the creation of the vision of the business which is not only limited to exercising and weight loosing, but also cooking lessons, nutrition advice and a long term solution for the clients. The business concept also encompasses secondary offer in cosy boutique rooms which will mainly concentrate on couples wanting to spend a romantic weekend in beautiful surroundings through outdoor activities and spa treatments. However, in order to achieve quality outcomes of the business concept in the hospitality services, it is imperative to harness the appropriate use of information and communication technology. During the contemporary period, it can be noted that the phenomenal growth of the new information and communication technology particularly the internet has revolutionized the ways people conduct business. (Haag, Cummings & Dawkins, 2000). Information pertaining to carrying out business can be exchanged electronically between parties involved and there are many benefits of using this business strategy for the stakeholders involved. Essentially, each business is primarily concerned with serving its customers in a profitable way and this feat can be achieved if that business is in possession of the right information about the targeted audiences at the right time which can only be attainable through the appropriate use of information and communication technology as going to be explained below. In this particular case, there is a trend showing cross functional business systems within the same enterprise which require the use of an integrated communication system such as the internet in order to fully support the management of the concept. Business of this particular nature is comprised of interrelated departments which through combined efforts by the stakeholders involved are aimed at achieving the same goal (Robbins, 1997). However, it is quite challenging to achieve a cross functional team approach in the organisation of this nature without harnessing IT which is supportive of horizontal flow of information. This entails that there is need for coordination between different systems within that particular organisation in order to achieve the set goals. Thus, management of the business concept can be supported by the appropriate use of technology and information systems which are the means by which people and organisations, utilising technologies, gather, process, store, use and disseminate information (Haag, Cummings & Dawkins, 2000). The internet in this particular case is more ideal given that it has several advantages to the targeted audiences as well as organisation as a whole. The rationale behind this strategy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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