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This present paper will explore the ways in which organizations foster innovation. Innovation refers to the creation of an effective product, services, processes, technology and ideas that are conducive for markets, society and the government…
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How do organizations foster innovation
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According to the research findings the need for innovation in an organization is paramount and universal if the organization is to be successful. For organization’s customers and members to keep coming back over and over again, they must have the feeling that there will be a chance to see and do something different or new each time. As institutions evolve and the world keeping on changing, an organization needs to change its products and programs so as to be able to reach new markets to achieve the organizations missions. This calls for an environment that fosters innovation. There are three different variables that have been identified as the stimulus of innovation in an organization. These are the organization structure, human resource practices and organization culture. Yao et al notes that innovative organization are defined mostly by decentralized decision making, few hierarchal distinctions and lateral communication networks. In this case, he noted that information flow must be open and persuasive with a relatively flat organizational structure. For innovation to thrive in an organization, Yao et al suggest that organizations must be structured in a manner that is reflective about their practices by making an attempt to learn from their mistakes. This is because these organizations are capable of incorporating different points of view in an organization which is a factor that enables innovation to thrive. In this case, a rigid organizational structure neither recognizes nor implements innovation.

In this case, he noted that information flow must be open and persuasive with a relatively flat organizational structure. For innovation to thrive in an organization, Yao et al (2006) suggest that organizations must be structured in a manner that is reflective about their practices by making an attempt to learn from their mistakes (France, 2011). This is because these organizations are capable of incorporating different points of view in an organization which is a factor that enables innovation to thrive. In this case, a rigid organizational structure neither recognizes nor implements innovation. Yao et al (20006) notes that many organizations foster innovation by ensuring that there are a well-developed formal practices within the organization that tap into informal activities. He notes that connecting informal and formal practices within an organization creates an environment for innovation which allows for its adoption and implementation. The connecting practices identified by Yao at al (2006) include promoting communication, socializing and creativity in the formal systems and creating a path that brings the best that emerges in the informal system into the informal system for implementation and development. Allowing employees free time to think is very crucial as it fosters creativity. Yao et al. (2006) notes that 3M usually allows its researchers to spend fifteen minutes of their research time working on whatever pleases them. On the other hand, Tech staff were noted to old informal brown bag launches to share what they have leaned after returning from their visit to science centers. Innovation involves interaction of different people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "How do organizations foster innovation?" is quite often seen among the tasks in university. Still, this example opens a new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the idea for my own essay.

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