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The principal objective of strengthening the community partnership - Coursework Example

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In the current report the researcher will discuss the principal objective of strengthening the community partnership with detailed SWOT analysis, extensive research examples and analysis, the critical success factors and the targeted industries…
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The principal objective of strengthening the community partnership
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Download file to see previous pages Based on this research strategic planning is all about making the right strategy to be induced in the planning process to make it more effective. It is extremely important to know the basic environment of Atlantic Cape Community College, its faculties, the teaching process, the facilities and the goals and objectives of the institution which is to be known as the best college in the city and be a centre of learning and career growth. The final report will be extensively discussing the need of the strengthening of community partnership and the strategy employed for achieving it. To attain this objective, there is a need for local strategy plan and international alliance with business communities and learning centers. The report will discuss with examples that how Atlantic Cape Community College will plan strategically to achieve the goal and objective. With the advent of internet marketing tools, the college can focus on its facilities being marketed well, the comfort and the pricing advantages businesses have in renting their facility, the kind of constant up-gradation they are doing to gain competitive advantage and giving the learning and business communities the best of infrastructural and lodging facilities. “In order to survive the difficulties ahead, colleges and universities must have more foresighted management. But at the same time, universities must maintain their decentralized form and capitalize on the entrepreneurship and idea-generating abilities of the faculty.” ...
ralized form and capitalize on the entrepreneurship and idea-generating abilities of the faculty.” (Keller, 1983) Keller has emphasized of the fact that strong leadership and entrepreneurship are the requisite area for the colleges to strategically plan and execute the college business partnership relation to newer heights. This will give a huge morale boost to the college as it goes on its quest for attaining the academic, learning and business excellence center of the region. SWOT Analysis The Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats give a detailed analysis of the overall strategic position of the organization. Based on this analysis, analyst and members of the institute can logically and strategically plan the execution of its business plans. Atlantic Cape Community college wants to strengthen their community partnership ties with companies, colleges and learning centers where they can avail the infrastructural facilities for conferences, meetings, lectures and knowledge sharing programs. SWOT Analysis has already been dealt with in the earlier sections. This report will be taking up specific examples which are going to illustrate the analysis. Strength: Atlantic Cape Community College students were surveyed as part of the student’s Facilities and Services Satisfaction Survey 2011 where 7456 students were surveyed in 2010-11 out of which there were 156 respondents. 76% were satisfied with the overall facility at their campus. (Atlantic Cape Report, 2011). The college already has a reputation as a source of learning with facilities of a 500 seat theatre, 30 seat board room, lodging and restaurant / catering facilities & availability of satellite campuses in Atlantic & Cape May County. With the provision of advanced technology with Information Communications ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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