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An analytical understanding of the operational situation of Tesco - Coursework Example

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This paper is an analysis of Tesco, a large supermarket based in UK. A research made on Tesco’s operation based upon Scientific Management Theory as propounded by Frederick Winslow Taylor. The five part analysis would present an analytical understanding of the operational situation of Tesco…
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An analytical understanding of the operational situation of Tesco
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Extract of sample "An analytical understanding of the operational situation of Tesco"

Download file to see previous pages Center of discussion in this paper is Tesco in United Kingdom that has transformed its business operation in order to gain hold of a larger market share in the retail market of the region. Furthermore the company with the help of its organisational structure and scientific way of operations has earned the potential in gaining a strong foothold in United Kingdom. The following paper conducts a thorough analysis of the above parameters and presents the situational advantages of Tesco amidst its various competitors operating in the United Kingdom market. The process of business transformation in the supermarket giant, Tesco operating in United Kingdom gains momentum through a clear cut planning activity aimed at providing value addition to the existing set of supply chain activities. Effective planning helped in rendering dynamism to the existing supply chain network of the concern and thereby also helped the company to operate across international borders. Moreover the business process of the company operating in the home market also went a huge transformation through the introduction of loyalty schemes and also through operating via the online sphere. Both these activities helped in the enhancement of brand awareness of the company in the regional markets and also in augmenting the brand equity for the concern. Tesco operating via the online sphere gained hold of a larger market share and through the loyalty card schemes gained a niche group of loyal consumers in every region. Business transformation in Tesco was not only brought about by bringing effective modifications in the supply chain mechanism but also through the modification brought about in the existing formats. Further the company also revised its business and distribution process through the opening up of several local stores in the different regions they focused to conduct business upon. Working on another set of business strategy in reducing the price of products sold while operating through a number of business outlets, Tesco aimed at gaining a larger pie of the consumer markets both in the home country and in the international zones. In the supply chain activities the company management worked in bring about close monitoring activities through introduction of periodical audits. Further the supplier groups were also called by the company management to be rendered training on issues like enhancement and sustenance of product quality ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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