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Ethics within the retail sector - Essay Example

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This paper focuses on giving a report on ethics for a board meeting. It seeks to explore on issues pertaining the organization approaches on ethics in terms of the social responsibility, green issues, product safety, grey imports and sourcing of the products. …
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Ethics within the retail sector
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that there have been numerous laws that regulating the organization terms of social responsibility. This rules focus on things like the disposal of toxic substances environmental pollution and the employment laws that regulate the working hours. However, it is the responsibility of the organization to comply with the regulations. It is significant that the organization focus on acting responsibly on ethical issues. There are long-term plans that would assist to deal with the problem of dumping the waste in a way that affect the environment. This would include establishing ways to treat the waste in order to ensure it do not have an effect to the environment. The other thing would develop pollution, and waste management policy in the company, in order to prevent future occurrence of such an incident that would affect the organization negatively, whilst eliciting negative impact to the society. The last thing is to establish a permanent means of disposing the waste in order to avoid pollution. Social responsibility should not be perceived as a policy or a moral approach, but it should be seen as the state of the corporate mind. A direct and mutual relationship exists between the environmental and commercial wellbeing. This is because a healthy environment facilitates the operations that are profitable to the business. There should be a substantial recognition by the board that it is within the self-interest of the corporation to operate in an entrusted society with a social responsibility. ...
This is in order to ensure that the organization has an outstanding reputation in the society. This will facilitate the organization to achieve the desired market target in order to attain the organizational objectives. Therefore, the corporate should understand that it is not possible to fulfill the corporate responsibility through exploiting labor, shortchanging beneficiaries, pollution the environment, evading tax, neglecting the needs of the local community and engaging in anti-social practices. The business should focus on being socially responsible in order to facilitate the desirable operations of the business in the organization. The social responsibility makes the organization avoid the disputes that are brought about by law pursuits. Product safety According to EUROCOMMERCE (2010), there has been a lot of advancement in the field of product safety in the ethical situations. This has been facilitated by the federal initiatives. In the cases of chemical involvement in the production, there have been implementations of legislations as a step aimed at the consumer protection. However, the consumers have been more suspicious concerning products more than ever. In the business, there have been a lot of strived in the challenging pursuit adhering to the provision of safe and ethical products. Numerous introductions of ethics in the retail business in have facilitated to the attendance of a significant portion branded products and consumer market. There have been retailers in the clothing industry with a high status in the market and willing to invest more with the aim of keeping the good will through the production of ethical products, which observe the consumer safety. These have led to many retails to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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