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This paper emphasises on the development of a rational analysis, examination and recommendation for Camair-Co in order to vitalise its learning transfer process. With this concern, the applied models by the organisation in order to transfer learning and enhance employees’ performance have been analysed. …
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The learning transfer practices at Camair-Co
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Download file to see previous pages However, the behavioural as well as cognitive traits perceived by the learners should also be considered as vital in this context as these factors also have a substantial impact on the overall efficiency of the learning transfer process. Acknowledgements Firstly, I would like to thank all the employees at Camair-Co who offered their cooperation, understanding and time when I was carrying out my research. I also extend my appreciation to my friends and family for being so supportive while I was completing this study. Finally, I offer my sincere thanks to God, for giving me the strength, perseverance and confidence to make all this possible. Table of Contents (INCLUDE WORD COUNT) Chapter 1 – Introduction 309 words (300) 1.1 Background Camair-Co is the national airline of the Republic of Cameroon that is based in Douala. The company offers passenger and cargo transportation to visiting friends and relatives, Government, NGOs and traders (History, 2011) Camair-Co employs 438 personnel comprising of both national and foreign expertise. Subedi (2004) suggests that a diverse workforce can raise significant challenges for the organisation in the execution of its learning or training transfer process (Subedi, 2004). Within today’s competitive business environment, strong talent is critical to the success of organisations. Consequently, management must ensure all employees are empowered through training to effectively transfer knowledge and skills back to the work place. 1.2 Statement of the problem Training activities at Camair-Co include on and off the job training. However, there is no evidence to suggest that the transfer of learning is...
The paper tells that the notion behind the transfer of learning contributes significantly towards making the workforce effective. 10% of the overall staff salary at Camair-Co is spent on developing capabilities through training, learning and other development initiatives. In the writer’s experience, the most successful organisations have consistently invested a lot of money in training and developing their people however, evidence suggests the value derived from the training spend is not as encouraging. Only 10% and 34% of skills and knowledge gained from training is still applied by employees on-the-job a year later. Given the alarming statistics by researchers and the large amounts of money involved, monitoring and closing any gaps between what is invested and what is returned is critical. According to Cree & Macaulay, transfer of learning has been referred to the process of earlier learning which influences improved performance or learning. The transfer of learning is said to entail skills acquisition and knowledge gained in training that is transferred back to the job, as well as maintenance of the learned material over a period of time on-the-job. Broad & Newstrom describe it as ‘the effective and continuing application, by trainees to their jobs, of the knowledge and skills gained in training – both on and off the job’. This concept is of particular importance among organisations that seek to ensure peak performance amongst individuals and the organisation. Rothwell & Sredi assert that the transfer of learning also facilitates the organisations in the development of competitive advantage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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