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This research is being carried out to examine and present the aspects of leadership in practice and the qualities of reflective leader. Reference is made to a specific organization, Enterprise – Rent – A car, a car-hire firm well known in the global market. …
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Leadership in practice & Developing the reflective leader Enterprise Rent-A-Car
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that the success of businesses in the global market is depended on their ability to understand on time the market risks and develop appropriate measures for securing their position towards their rivals. At this point, leadership is proved to have a critical role. The successful leader aligns the organizational needs with the market trends and support the development of proactive communication in the internal organizational environment. Moreover, the successful leader is able to understand the customers’ needs and promotes plans that can serve the interests of the organization but also of its stakeholders. The Enterprise – Rent – A car is ‘the largest purchaser of cars in the. Since its establishment, in 1957, the firm has achieved a significant growth, a fact that it is highly related to its leadership style. The case of Enterprise – Rent – A car proves that modern organizations are able to face effectively the challenges of the market under the terms that their leadership is appropriately structured. Initiatives would be allowed to leaders; however, certain ethical standards are always necessary for ensuring that the power of leader is aligned with organizational ethics. Commonly, the value of leadership is judged in the long term, mostly because time is available for evaluating the effectiveness of leadership decisions. However, in Enterprise – Rent – A car the benefits of leadership style are continuous, on the terms that daily organizational activities face no particular problems at all levels of organizational hierarchy. At this point, the following issue should be mentioned: the firm’s existing leadership practices are based on leadership approaches, which are quite known in the leadership theory, as analyzed below. This means that existing literature has been used as the basis for the firm’s leadership practices. For this reason, the presentation of the literature related to the specific subject has been considered as necessary. Moreover, assumptions are developed in regard to the potential applicability of the firm’s leadership style in practice, i.e. whether the specific leadership style would be applicable on other organizations, of similar characteristics with Enterprise-Rent-A car. It seems that such prospect exists, under the terms that similar support is provided, referring not only to the resources available but also to the willingness of employees to support such plans. A personal reflection is provided, at the end of the paper, where the above issue is discussed. 2. Leadership in Enterprise Rent-A-Car 2.1 Leadership behaviours and approaches One of the key reasons for the success of Enterprise Rent-A-Car has been its leadership framework. In fact, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a unique characteristic: a series of different leadership styles are used across the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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