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Management Theory in Oxfam Charity and Global Poverty Organization - Essay Example

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In relation to the introduction of the research management theory is the application of various measures to improve the performance and productivity of an organization through proper evaluation and modification of the various functional units within the organizational structure. …
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Management Theory in Oxfam Charity and Global Poverty Organization
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that management in any business firm or organizational activities refers to the process, and act of bringing people together as a team. This is to work towards the accomplishment of set objectives through the efficient utilization of the present resources. These management actions include activities and processes such as organizing, planning, staffing, leading, directing or controlling an organization or business among others towards the main purpose and objectives. It also involves the act of resourcing which refers to the utilization and control of an organizational resource which include the financial, human, natural, and technological resources. In view of organizations as systems, it can also be defined in terms of human action and design in facilitation of achievement of desired results. This is a fundamental view as it provides the opportunity to manage oneself which is a prerequisite to the management of others. Good for management positioned individuals in an organization. Management theory can be defined as the study on how to improve the total productivity of all personnel in the business firm or organization. It involves learning on how to manage personnel with the intent to improve and maximize the productivity of the firm. The aim of business management is to maximize productivity, and while management theory aims towards getting a team of individuals to achieve a certain objective it. However, this does not necessarily achieve in improving individual productivity towards the aimed at objective. Management is both an art and a science hence various improvement techniques employed. 1.3 Competing value framework The competing value framework in management helps and allows the leadership teams in organizations to understand the background and adopt thinking that infers to the foundation of various management philosophies. It integrates the four different values showing the competitive ideologies between each also the importance of each individually. The values being of no equal importance in various cases the model goes further to suggest the integration of the different models. This is by maintaining a balance between them to achieve maximum efficiency in productivity. Never the less most managements study the awareness of each and consider which of the models closely matches with their leadership structures, styles and philosophies, all incorporating the achievement needs of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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