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The current discussion seeks to answer the question: What is Talent Management and Talent? How does Talent Management work? Why should organizations have Talent Management Strategy? What is the current Talent Management Strategy of Boeing Company? …
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Talent Management in CDG a Boeing Company
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that organizations are currently embracing Talent Management as a tool of attaining organizations goals and objectives. As such, Talent Management aids in attaining competitive advantage of organizations through production, addition of market value, and organization effectiveness. According to Rog, Talent Management is a significant factor, which determines the ability of the organization to acquire and retain essential talent successfully. Moreover, Talent Management in an organization establishes the extent of employee engagement in performance of various organization activities. Companies face workforce cost in the overall running of their business operations. As such, an effective analysis of the processes of recruiting and hiring employees provide insights and visibility of areas, which a company needs to improve. This is because maintenance of employees who have the capacity and potential to perform leads to improvement in the performance level of the company. According to Peter, companies have discovered that having the best talent enables them to have a competitive advantage in the global economy. Currently, there are few companies, which have a sufficient supply of talent. This depicts that talent has become a limited resource, which companies have to focus on managing effectively in order to attain success in their performance levels. Continental Data Graphics (CDG) a Boeing Company belongs to the aviation industry since the company deals with the provision of software and engineering solutions for defence and aerospace industries. As such, the company needs to have an effective Talent Management structure, which will enhance in attainment of competitive advantage. Bent (2011) argues that professionals within the aviation industry are declining substantially. This depicts that CDG Company needs to adopt an effective Talent Management strategy, which will enhance in attainment of success of the company. Sean and Kleiner (1999) postulates that benefits and compensation, development and training, and provision of incentives, which include medical coverage, are some of the needs of employees, which Talent Management in a company has to focus on satisfying. Therefore, this research will focus on identifying and evaluating the process of Talent Management in CDG Company. Further, the research will identify how CDG Company performs in the market of labour shortage due to various labour dynamics. 1.3 Research Objectives This research is governed by the following objectives: 1) To define Talent Management and Talent 2) To discuss the process of Talent Management 3) To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Talent Management 4) To describe the current Talent Management Strategy of Boeing Company 5) To identify employee’s perceptions of Talent Management at Boeing Company 6) To propose improvement to Boeing Company current Talent Management Strategy 1.4 Research Questions This research is governed by the following research questions, which will aid in attaining objectives and aim of the research. 1) What is Talent Management ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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