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Me experience from the Engineering management - Essay Example

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Through experience from the Engineering management and leadership and skills module, I have realized that for one to be successful as an engineer, it is crucial to have management and leadership skills. …
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Me experience from the Engineering management
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Download file to see previous pages Most engineering companies or engineers emphasize more on technical ability as the most important requirement; this is good but, for success in the engineering professional, technical ability should be accompanied by management and leadership skills. An engineer with no ability to influence other people, manage priorities and make good decisions might not realize his full potential; this is because the technical skill does not contribute a lot to team management. Sometimes engineering with technical skill and no management and leadership skills are forced to go for training in leadership skills, presentation skills, communication skills and business skills; therefore, the executive management supports the training. This experience has taught me that to compete in the engineering profession; I should not only sharpen my technical skills but also leadership and management skills. In any profession, one must work together with others to attain the goals set by the organization; therefore, teamwork is crucial; this means that any one joining engineering profession should be ready to work together with other engineers and technical experts, and this calls for teamwork. Teamwork calls for trust, because lack of trust hinders teamwork, after my second year, I had an experience in Engineering design group with an NGO; this program was meant to empower the urban youth and artisans economically. This project required teamwork; the university students had to team up with the urban artisans to come up with effective machines for the production of briquettes. During this program, acquired skills on communication, coordination with others, sharing of information, listening to other people opinions and understanding others; am willing to keep this experience with me and improve on the skills learnt by experiencing other teams. All teams are not the same because of different team members and tasks; therefore, it will be good for me to engage with many different groups and learn more on how to be effective in teams. This will help me to have vast knowledge on teamwork, and compete well in the job market as a graduate. There are also university projects, which require student involvements, this projects are done in teams, and I would not waste this chance with good avenues for developing teamwork skills. Students are people we will combine efforts in the same field or even rivals, and working with them will give me a different experience of cooperating with people on the same level and with different views. This will help me to know how people with the same level of education take issue and their contribution and general behavior. This will give me an idea of what I expect from people in the same profession. Sometimes engineers do not realize how much they lose by not having management skills; most engineering firms are headed by people who have done business and management courses, while those with who have done engineering courses are left to head only departments in the firm. It is time for engineers to wake and work on their management skills for them to take up those big positions in big engineering firms. I want to be more competitive when applying for a job in engineering firms and other related firms; immediately after graduating with bachelors in engineering, I will enroll for a diploma in management; this is to equip myself with management skills through training. A diploma in management and a degree in engineering will give me a better chance to get management positions in engineering firms; this is when compared to my fellow graduates with only a bachelors degree. Apart from gaining top management positions, engineers always head projects in a firm, one need to be able to organize resources of both time money and human force to attain the goal of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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