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Clothing Department At The Supermarket: Change Management And Communication Strategies - Assignment Example

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An author of the essay "Clothing Department At The Supermarket: Change Management And Communication Strategies" presents the results of a study that was conducted to determine as to how the above change and the communication objectives can be achieved…
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Clothing Department At The Supermarket: Change Management And Communication Strategies
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Extract of sample "Clothing Department At The Supermarket: Change Management And Communication Strategies"

Download file to see previous pages As mentioned in the study the communication of change needs to be managed among the stakeholder of the Supermarket business. Thus it's important to identify the stakeholders and their aims vis-à-vis the business. Stakeholders of the Supermarket and their measurable aims: The Supermarket owners and shareholders: They aim at revenue generation and increased sale. End customers: aim at quality and price of the product, good experience, and ambiance. Existing Store/department owners: aim at the proper location of the new store with respect to their own store. The Government: aims at the collection of various revenues like income tax, sales tax, service tax. Society: Aims include improvement in lifestyle, the introduction of new clothing trends, more choice for the consumers, additional employment opportunities, aim to avoid clothing trends that are in bad taste. Bank or Financial Institutions dealing with the Supermarket: They are concerned with the security of their credit. Media like fashion or lifestyle magazines, local dailies etc.: They are concerned with the value of the events or changes taking place with respect to the supermarket. Vendors and Suppliers of Goods to the Stores: Concerned with business volume from the new store and aim at maximizing the profit margins from the same. Vendors of the Supermarket as a whole: The new store promises increase in demand for these services and thus the aim of the vendors would be to ensure more demand originating from the new store.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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