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At the present, almost all the organizations make use of information technology to carry out their business activities. They use e-commerce and information systems to run their business effectively. …
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New Information Technology Systems Speciation
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, information systems are used to make effective decisions and manage internal processes of the organizations. The basic aim of this report is to discuss the implementation of information technology for an organisation. For this purpose, this report discusses the implementation process for the fine food company.
This report presents a detailed analysis of information technology based system implementation for the Fine Food Company (FFC). Fine Food Company (FFC) business is a well known and well established business in the food industry. The main setup of the business is established at London, UK. In addition, the business manufacturing setups are located at other sides of head office all through the UK. In this scenario, all the business clients use products delivery source from Ashville warehouse. Additionally, the business of The Fine Food Company is based on selling prepared and partly prepared food products. These products are obtained from the food products manufactures. Fine Food Company finishes and packages these products for resale (The Fine Food, 2011). Moreover, The Fine Food Company offers premium quality food for events all through the UK. In addition, The Fine Food Company does not compromise on the quality, freshness and provenance of the food offered (The Fine Food, 2011). This report will discuss the implementation of information technology for managing its operations. This report will use different analysis techniques to determine the importance of this implementation for the business. 2- Business Overview The business of the Fine Food Company has obtained a steady growth in the business and organizational structure. Despite the extensive improvements in currently operational paper based working structure, the performance of the business still lacks high performance. This makes the overall working structure less effective. Thus, in this scenario, the management of the business has decided to implement a new technology based structure that will improve the business performance and working capability. In addition, FFC management desired to implement the new information technology at four main departments which are listed below: Sales and marketing Warehousing and distribution Manufacturing Finance 2.1- Products/services The Fine Food Company offers following products and services: (The Fine Food, 2011) Rotisserie Chicken Quarter Chicken and Chips Half Chicken and Chips Burgers Original Chicken Burger Barbeque Chicken Burger Chilli Chicken Burger Breakfast Rashers Smoked back bacon Rashers Smoked back bacon and egg Sausage and egg Double egg and cheddar Rashers Smoked back bacon, 140g sausage and egg Kids’ meal deal Smaller portions of above, for children 3- Mission Statement The mission of The Fine Food Company is to improve the business status by reaching into the larger marketplace. At this point, business is focused on taking a better competitive edge by offering new and innovative products all through the country. Currently, the company’s web site presents only the overview of company. In this scenario, management wants to connect it with corporate working and offer live updates. The new technology based business will offer an excellent support for business working in following areas: Sales and marketing Warehousing and distribution Manufacturing Finance The new technology will reform and improve the overall business working and operational aspects in above listed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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