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Project management - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to to explore and critically discuss the role of a project manager and the project management team in such a project so as to analyze the different ways the projects can be organized…
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Project management
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"Project management"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that project management has been defined as a discipline (science and art) that entails planning, managing, organizing and securing the components or resources of a project so as to ensure its success. A project is usually a well defined endeavor with a beginning and end that are well defined and time constrained so as to meet desired objectives and goals by adding value or bringing change. A project is not like normal business operations which are permanent and repetitive. A project is usually temporary and is created once to achieve a specific purpose. Project management is necessary because a lot of resources are put into these projects. In any project, performance, cost and time should be managed so as to ensure a project is controlled and executed well to achieve its goals and objectives. The key elements of project management that will be outlined in this report include managing human resources through directing and coordinating the administration of people involved in the project. Another key element of project management that will be outlined in this project is managing quality through the fulfillment of the quality standards set up for performance of the project. The final element of project management that will be discussed in this essay is the Managing the scope of the project in controlling the project through aims, goals and objectives of its sponsors. The Scottish Parliament Building (Edinburgh) project was specifically started to provide a parliamentary building complex that would house members of parliament, civil servants and other staff....
be discussed in this essay is the Managing the scope of the project in controlling the project through aims, goals and objectives of its sponsors (Joseph 2003, p. 60). The Scottish Parliament Building (Edinburgh) project was specifically started to provide a parliamentary building complex that would house members of parliament, civil servants and other staff (Taylor 2002, p. 4). The project was a very crucial one because it was a political project that could easily be affected by the politics of the country. The project was launched in 1999 and construction of the building began in June 1999 (Taylor 2002, p. 21). The project was successfully completed in 2004 and the building was officially opened on October 9th 2004 by Queen Elizabeth (Taylor 2002, p. 11). The project of constructing the Scottish Parliament Building was one of the most successful known projects. The success of the project can be attributed to a number of factors, mostly revolving around its management (Taylor 2002, p. 25). The first factor that led to the success of the project was the effective managing of human resources through directing and coordinating the administration of people involved in the project. The history of the project dates back to when the Scottish electorate held a referendum on September 11th 1997 that allowed Scottish Parliament to legislate on some of the common domestic affairs (Taylor 2002, p. 11). This led to the decision to construct a purpose built facility in Edinburg that would house the Scottish Parliament. Enric Miralles design was chosen out of the twelve proposed ones and the work was given to a company called EMBT/RMJM that was specifically set up to manage this project (Harrison & Dennis 2004, p. 28). One of the key factors that led to the success of the project ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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