Development of Total Quality Management in Higher Education - Dissertation Example

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The expectations within higher education are based on institutional norms and policies which are developed in various universities. The approach which is taken is based on the policies and roles of the administration and the decisions which are created within this framework…
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Development of Total Quality Management in Higher Education
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Download file to see previous pages The result of administrative developments is one which then begins to change the level of quality which takes place, specifically with the roles of teachers that are within the institution. Developing an understanding of the administrative roles and how this affects the total quality management within a school system also develops a deeper understanding of what is needed within an educational program to create the correct responses among teachers. The way in which administrators define and approach their role has a direct effect on teachers, specifically with the approach to different needs and development within the educational system. The importance is based on the administrative standards creating a sense of sustainability for teachers and with the overall platform of education (Lozano, 2011). By understanding the role of administrators for total quality management, there is also the ability to have a deeper understanding of the changes which this creates with teaching and needs for teachers. The understanding of total quality management and the effects which this holds with teachers from the administration is the main aim that will be defined in this research study. The research question will ask what the effect of total quality management from administration creates among teachers....
ociated with total quality management among administration Defining ways in which total quality management effects teachers both positively and negatively Understanding how total quality management can be altered to change the effects on teachers The association with this research study will be to define and understand the main difficulties which are associated with total quality management as well as what the effects are on teachers that are expected to work with administrators for various needs. By defining the gaps that are created, there is the ability to understand and relate to the total quality management within the higher educational system for improvements with both the administrative duties and the expectations which are often not met by teachers. 1.2 Background Information Higher education is one which is now considered an institution which one is able to be a part of to move toward a career and other factors that are associated with society. The importance of the institution is one which is based on the ability for students to receive the correct level of education while developing a stronger association with the educational system. The nature of the institution is one which demands specific levels of quality to be reached, specifically through monitoring and changes with policies and procedures that take place among administrators and teachers. It is noted that the particular association with total quality management has a direct effect on the teaching levels that are associated with the institution as well as the type of learning which occurs among students in the classroom (Law, 2010). Creating the correct foundation then becomes essential to developing the right environment for both learning and teaching. The concept of total quality management is one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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