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 This paper "Organizational Behavior and its Impact on Corporate America" describes the organizational behavior elements that drive Home Depot’s success with an insight into what programs and management philosophies build this employee and management commitment.  …
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Organizational Behavior and its Impact on Corporate America
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Download file to see previous pages By adding more emphasis on interpersonal communication and communication clarity, The Home Depot serves as a benchmark for other industries in similar markets. Organizational Behavior and its Impact on Corporate America Introduction When assessing an organizational environment worthy of being declared a leader in positive organizational behavior, no example is more relevant than The Home Depot. The Home Depot ranked #29 in the Fortune 100 list of best companies due to its commitment to customer service excellence, employee participation schemes, and a variety of reward programs that foster collaboration, motivation, and commitment from its many employees and managers. In 2010, The Home Depot earned $6.6 billion in revenues (CNN Money, 2011), due to its reputation as a service leader and the ability to foster harmonious work teams dedicated to meeting the mission and vision of the organization.   These factors include the establishment of multiple reward schemes, improving interpersonal communications and clarity between many different ranks of authority, setting corporate social responsibility efforts, and providing ample feedback systems to give recognition to employees who succeed and meet corporate goals. Important Elements of Organizational Behavior In order to gain employee and management commitment, it is first necessary to establish team membership, something especially true at The Home Depot whose cornerstone is employee involvement and participation. “For a team to develop, its members must want to belong to the team and come to identify with the team” (Bushe & Coetzer, 2007, p.185). When new employees enter the organization, they come into employment with their own personal need, goals, and ambitions, thus effective leadership must work diligently to bring employees and managers into the team fold by creating a new social identity. “People strongly identified with a group can even be willing to sacrifice personal needs for the betterment of the group” (Bush & Coetzer, p.186). This is the foundation of The Home Depot’s employment strategies: To ensure commitment and a transformation from pre-existing values to employees who are committed to meeting Home Depot’s mission and goal for excellence in service delivery. Group affiliation is crucial to success in profit and service delivery at Home Depot since service is the foundation of its core values of business operations. Gaining commitment related to teamworking is necessary in an environment where customers are considered the most important resource to corporate success and the business must rely on direct employee/customer interventions in order to generate higher sales volumes and satisfy customers of widely different socio-economic demographics. Building team focus is the most primary organizational behavior at The Home Depot that continues to lead to its position as a market leader in its industry. How is this accomplished in the organization? The first step is to ensure that there is a perception of inclusion and affiliation.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Organizational Behavior and its Impact on Corporate America" is quite often seen among the assignments in university. Still, this essay opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the manner for my own text.

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