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Managing Change within an Organization Contents Contents 2 Overview 3 History of Wal-Mart 3 Type of product or Service 3 Type of Organization 3 Management Style 3 Values and Mission and Culture of Wal-Mart 4 Need for Change and Change Leaders in Wal-Mart 4 Assumptions 5 Assessment 6 Evaluation-400 7 Strategies 8 Future Trends 10 Summary 11 References 12 Overview History of Wal-Mart In a brief history Wal-Mart the world’s biggest retailer had its start through the opening up of its first store in Rogers Ark during the 1962 period…
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Managing change within an organization
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Download file to see previous pages Type of product or Service The retail company operating based on a number of formats is found to trade on a plethora of products ranging from groceries to food products to toys to apparels also. The commodity base of the retail company has further expanded to include different hardware and automotive parts and also frozen products making it the largest retailer of the world (Walmart Corporate). Type of Organization The organization in question based in United States operates mainly along the retail sector. Wal-Mart which has become the leader in the retail global retail sector through continuing its operation based on corporate sustainability and also focuses in contributing to the growth of internal people (Walmart). Management Style The management style or approach in Wal-Mart reflects high amount of consciousness for sustainability. The sustainable approaches of the management team are reflected owing to the company’s high amount of dependence on renewable energy sources and its endeavors in reducing the quanta of waste. Further the company also works in procuring and selling such products as are both consumer and environment friendly. Wal-Mart also focuses on generating a cost effective approach through the location of local retailers (Walmart-a). Values and Mission and Culture of Wal-Mart The values, mission and culture of Wal-Mart stores focus mainly on the welfare and interests of the consumers. The mission of the company thus focuses on helping the people save enough money and to lead a life which is healthy. Wal-Mart values the needs of its consumer profile and works to provide cost effective services and products to them. Working on the above mission statement the company has developed a working culture focused on hearing the queries and feedback from both internal and external consumers. Further the company management also endeavors in redefining eye contacts with the internal and external client base (Walmart-a). . Need for Change and Change Leaders in Wal-Mart Coping with the changes in demand in the external market the management team at Wal-Mart has also decided to bring large amount of changes in the structural and organizational policies of the company. Changes in the organizational polices were brought about reflecting more on environment protection by switching over to renewable energy sources and in usage of recycled materials. Moreover the management body of the company is required to pay heed to the voices coming from the lower hierarchies. In another change Wal-Mart’s managers endeavored to remove the practice of sexual discrimination in the work structure (Mathis, 31). Wal-Mart has also incorporated the systems of electronic commerce on an expanded plane to help strategize its marketing moves and reach larger consumer bases. Again the company is also working to effectively develop its supply chain and logistics network by opening up local warehouses. This helps in reducing the cost of procurement and transportation and thereby enhances productivity (Walmart-a). Change leaders in Wal-Mart like Mike Duke, Bill Simon and John Fleming endeavor to not only take into hold the cooperative nature of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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