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This paper will determine the situation of British Petroleum after the destruction of Gulf Spill and reaction of leaders towards the situation. It will open up many new facets of leadership and suggest ways to improve the conditions of British petroleum. …
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Leadership Theory
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Download file to see previous pages This research aims to evaluate and present moral accountability as one’s ability to decide what is good and what is wicked. For organizations, it is their rules and regulations, strategies and policies and actions of management, which demonstrate that whether the organization is on the path of morality or not. British Petroleum like many other organizations has several issues regarding Moral Accountability that deteriorate their reputation and weaken the trust of their employees. One most important issue pointing out low moral accountability in British Petroleum is the killing of eleven workers and churn out of more than four million barrels of oil from Macondo well into the sea. This happened because of crash of various processes and equipments, which the experts did not maintain and investigate earlier. If they had done so, the consequences would not be that precarious. Another problem was stoppages of key disconnect system, which could have stopped the flow of oil, but unfortunately it did not work due to outburst and blowout preventer did not receive the signals. In addition, the automatic closure system also did not work which created a big question on the upholding and testing of blowout preventer technology. BP furthermore experienced disappointment from its remote operated vehicles, which should have worked on shear rams to close up the pipes of oil. The reason for this failure also remains a mystery. All these machinery problems are not merely results of technology failure but real causes must be the people who had the duty of taking care of all the machines responsible for saving human lives in danger (Walsh, n.p, 2010). However, they did not consider themselves accountable for loss of human lives, which resulted in this incident. This shows that British Petroleum did not have strict rules and regulations pertinent to taking care of emergency machines and systems, indicating less accountability for moral issues. Impacts of Low Moral Accountability in British Petroleum Now, the important matter is that what influences a rig operator will have after the occurrence of such big destruction. Undoubtedly, he would not like to work at such a perilous place because he must have lost his trust in the technology and take a long time to recover from this dilemma (Bower & Gilbert, pp. 427-428, 2005). It would be very difficult for him to get his trust back and start working at British Petroleum or any other organization having same technologies or procedures. Another major accountability problem of British Petroleum is the decreasing value of its shares. If a person has invested a huge amount in shares of British Petroleum that he has a major income stream from its shares, then he is going to be in a great danger because after the accident of oil, the value of its shares has decreased 39 percent. People invested in shares of British Petroleum have long lasting impacts of this incident because they invested almost half of their savings, which no more remained savings. In this way, British Petroleum lost the trust of many retirees of UK and became injurious for their invested money. Moral Accountabil ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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