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A writer of the paper "Information Systems Management & Quality" discusses the point that from 2008 onwards to 2011, there were listings of wasted resource allocations for IT projects. This prompts for questions and answers as to why such losses occur…
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Information Systems Management & Quality
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Download file to see previous pages A good example would be the purchase of a computer system for Bexley Hospital worth £12 billion. Did they not prepare a Needs Analysis based on survey and statistics so that the knowledge of “usefulness” or “functionality” of the computer system could be a solid basis for disapproving the budget for such a computer system? The government must have haphazardly allocated and implemented a £ 12 billion budget only to realize that out of 9,000 organizations, only 160 would use the system. According to Michael Savage, that functionality was discovered only after the implementation process. What might be the reason why it seems that government does not have quality control over IT governance? This case study concerning Bexley Hospital was chosen because it clearly represents a situation wherein no pre-planning or poor planning was done using a comprehensive model that can screen a decision whether or not to approve and fund a project. According to David Cameron, the IT system ideas were sold to NHS Professionals and swallowed as a whole and “As Is” after IT Consultants gave recommendations to government. That Computer Weekly article, News Clipping. 2, revealed no checking and control functions. Cameron cited inefficiency as a result of a preference for centralized and large computer systems that tend to be more costly and riskier. 3. Clarifications about the problem showed that centralized data that should have been accessible in local areas turned out to be 3 to 4 years delayed. See News Clipping....
This can be read in the Kable’s Government Computing article. See News Clipping # 3. In another article, clarifications about the problem showed that centralized data that should have been accessible in local areas turned out to be 3 to 4 years delayed. See News Clipping # 4. And the more detailed explanations for such a scenario are found in News Clipping # 5. It says, “…the centralized system has often been seen as a failure owing to continued installation setbacks, rising costs and data management problems.” In determining the needs of government for IT resources, for example, the ISMQ should have utilized a model that can filter the basis of decisions based on real needs instead of artificial or imaginary needs. A sample self-made model would be as follows: + + + It should be recalled that Information System projects are not the only projects in need of allocation of resources. Whatever will be the evaluation of alternative IS projects would have to compete for funding prioritization in the government’s portfolio of many projects in various aspects of governance. Such a model would have identified the limited beneficiaries who would not represent the common good of 9,000 organizations. There should have been a survey if most of them need the computer system under certain conditions, e.g. on the condition that the system provides updated information. It turned out that only 160 out of 9,000 found a need for the expensive computer system which had to be replaced. Potential delays and more accurate timetables can be communicated to administrators of the system in order to set the right expectations insofar as performance and efficiency are concerned. The timely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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