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Motivation in the workplace: employee perceptions - Dissertation Example

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Motivation in the Workplace: Employee Perceptions
Because only fulfilled, well-satisfied and motivated people can deliver in a competitive business environment, organisations must have due regard for understanding the psychology of their human resources in order to maintain a motivated workforce. …
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Motivation in the workplace: employee perceptions
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Download file to see previous pages 24 2.9 Drive Theory, Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory of Motivation and the ERG Theory 26 2.10 Equity Theory 28 2.11 Cognitive Theories of Motivation 28 2.12 McGregor’s Theories of Motivation 29 2.13 Self-Efficacy and Motivation 31 2.14 Motivation and Social Interactions at Work 32 2.15 Goal Setting 33 2.16 The Impact of Culture on Motivation at Work 35 2.17 Practical Application of Theories of Motivation 37 2.18 Work Motivation in the Creative Industries 39 2.19 Group Efficacy in Organisations 44 2.20 The Impact of Organisational Politics and Extrinsic / Intrinsic Factors on Work Motivation 46 2.21 High Performance Workplace Models 50 2.22 Work Motivation and Commitment 53 2.23 The Impact of Group Climate Orientation 58 2.24 Social Loafing 60 2.23 The Integrative Taxonomy of Motivation at Work 61 2.24 The Design and Culture of Dynamic Workplaces 63 Chapter 3 Research Design and Methodology 65 3.1 Considerations Involved in the Design of Questionnaire 71 3.2 Ethical Considerations 76 3.3 Considerations Involved in the Analysis of Questionnaire 77 Chapter 4 Findings 80 4.1 Individual Motivation among Marks & Spencer UK Employees 85 4.2 Perceptions about the Level of Motivation among Marks & Spencer UK Employees 85 4.3 Individual Perceptions about the Level of Productivity at Marks & Spencer UK 87 4.4 Employee Perceptions about Outstanding Motivators for Enhancing Work Motivation at Marks & Spencer UK 88 4.5 Employee Perceptions about What Demotivates Employees at Marks & Spencer UK 90 4.6 Perceptions about How Marks & Spencer UK Encourages, Motivates and Enhances the Flare for Merchandising and Retailing of Quality 92 4.7 Employee Perceptions for the Best Ways for Marks & Spencer UK to Further Enhance Employee Motivation 94 4.8 Employee Perceptions about Whether Marks...
Employee perceptions about motivation in the workplace are valuable because these perceptions decide about efforts directed towards enhancing work-motivation for higher productivity, organisational performance and an enhanced capacity of employees to handle complex challenges that decide about the future. Human resource policies and policies that impinge on the workplace must act to optimise employee motivation. This dissertation presents a discussion about motivation in the workplace and employee perceptions about work-motivation at Marks & Spencer United Kingdom, a leading international retailer with more than 600 stores in the United Kingdom and operations in 40 countries around the world. A literature review presents relevant themes about work-motivation, and a survey presents useful insights about work motivation at Marks & Spencer UK. The dissertation concludes that the golden rule about treating others, as you want to be treated makes sense for motivation in the workplace.
Although capital and technology are important assets for any business in an evolving global economy that presents a faster pace of change than ever before, people are also an important asset for any firm (Haasen, 1997, Pp. vi – ix). However, not all types of people are assets because useful people must possess the skills necessary to do that which contributes to the mission of an organisation. Employees who benefit an organisation should be motivated to perform, to bring about constant improvement to maintain firm competitiveness and to benefit the firm from a strategic perspective. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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