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Modern organizations are faced with a lot of challenges as various stakeholders, government, and watchdogs groups put pressure on them to “go green.” As a result most organizations have incorporated green strategies in their production and management activities. …
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Management in eco-friendly organizations (Benefits of Going Green)
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Download file to see previous pages To ensure eco-friendly organizations, the management must be committed to implementing green strategies and ensuring ethical leadership. The organization structure determines the kind of relationship the management has with employees, customers, stockholders and the community as a whole. Besides maximizing profits for the shareholders, the management should ensure it is operating ethically and is socially responsible (Berman et al. 1999). By implementing green strategies costs are reduced, the company gains reputation, workers work in a healthy environment thus improving their productivity, the company can attract and retain highly qualified employees and engage in constant innovations hence remain competitive in the market (Crawford et al. 2008). The paper will discuss the benefits that various industries achieve by enacting green strategies in their operations.
Benefits of Going Green
Various industries achieve different benefits from utilizing environment friendly operations. Global warming is rampant due to greenhouse gas emissions especially from the manufacturing and vehicle industries. The manner in which business premises are constructed also contribute to gas emissions as a result of the materials used, the lighting, heating and cooling systems inside the building as well as transportation of building materials (Crawford et al. 2008). Most companies however, are trying to reduce the emissions by putting up environmental friendly buildings. Reduction of carbon emissions is also necessary if the environment has to be conserved. One of the companies in the vehicle manufacture industry has done a lot over the years to ensure sustainable environment. Honda Motor Company with its headquarters in Japan is one of the leading companies in implementing environmentally friendly policies. It specializes in motorcycles, automobiles and power products. It has 176, 815 consolidated employees and 26,121 unconsolidated employees. Its new global environmental slogan is “Blue skies for our children” (, 2011). According to Pride et al (2010), Honda is committed to reduction of pollution, conservation of water and energy, recycling, reduced carbon emissions and production of fuel efficient vehicles. It has produced natural gas powered civic CIX and hydrogen full cell cars FCX which are environmental friendly. As a result, the company has earned a lot of reputation and good will from the community and stakeholders. It is considered as one of the leading automakers in the vehicle industry. It has an environmental committee which oversees green strategies formulation and implementation. One of the benefits of going green for a company is thus is gaining outstanding reputation. Another company in the financial sector which has managed to gain much reputation from applying environment friendly policies is the Goldman ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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