Change Management and Motivating People to the Change - Dissertation Example

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Since centuries, humans have progressed and developed with efficient utilization of intellect and knowledge, and one notion that remained unchanged during all these periods is nothing but change that has been constant in every human activity. …
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Change Management and Motivating People to the Change
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Download file to see previous pages Organizations are every other day putting efforts to bring a positive alteration in their organization to survive in this competitive corporate world (Ventris, pp. 11-19, 2004). In addition, as there have been huge numbers of advancements in the field of information and technology, organizations are now feeling greater pressure in midst of globalization that has inclined organizations to introduce new methodologies, take innovative approaches, and inspire new perspectives in their workforce.
In this process of constant change, experts have indicated that managers, especially HR managers play the most crucial role in ensuring success in the process of change in organization. At the same time, besides ensuring success, managers have to fulfill the greater responsibility of avoiding any adverse effects of the process, and simultaneously, ensure motivation of the employees. Unfortunately, huge numbers of organizations seem to fail in this process of ensuring success, and at the same time, continued motivation of employees that has been resulting in lower productivity, adverse performance, and subsequently, failure of the organizations.
From this understanding, one can see only two ways of ensuring survival in this harsh competitive business world. Firstly, organization can become an initiator of the change and become a leader. On the other hand, one can act as a follower and carry out alterations depending on the approaches of market leaders. (Kossmann, pp. 39-44, 2006). In particular, there is no other way of bringing a change, and thus, realization of such notion is essential along with understanding of different factors that play the role in the process. Research Statement In this regard, the researcher focused on the following research statement to acquire the aims and objectives of the research: “To identify and analyze barriers to change and motivation process causing failure in the organizational management, particularly, in context of Middle Eastern organization” Aims & Objectives From this understanding of process of change, the researcher has identified a few aims and objectives that will enable a critical, clear, and comprehensive understanding of the change process. In particular, the main aims and objectives of this research are to: Recognize and analyze various physical, sociological, and physiological barriers that exist and affect in the process of change in the organisation Scrutinize the level of impact of identified barriers on employees’ performance and their level of motivation Assess the impact of identified barriers in employees’ decision-making processes that play a crucial role in the success or failure of an organization Evaluate the role of managers in recognizing barriers, and in reducing the chances of failure in the organizational management Identify approaches and solutions that can ensure effective change and motivation processes in the organizatio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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