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Customers are an integral part of any organization, company or business. Customers have indeed remained this useful for years and there is no indication that the usefulness of customers to companies, organizations and businesses will cease any time soon. …
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Analyzing Customer Relationship Management case
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Download file to see previous pages Customer relationship management is something that cannot be done haphazardly. Indeed, to achieve a workable customer relationship management, one needs to put in place a lot of factors that would come together to form what would be known as a strategic plan. Perhaps the presence of a strategic plan for customer relationship management is one major different between a customer relationship management that works and one that does not work. By a customer relationship management that works, reference is being made to a customer relationship management that goes a long way to ensure that customers are pleased and that they make decisions out of what they have seen to continue doing business with a particular company or organization. In today’s contemporary business world, a lot of business managers have only being concerned with putting to practice any customer management theory they hear without taking time to research into what each customer management theory should be made up of. For a management that is geared towards enhancing customer relationship management for instance, such as a management would recruit all necessary components that make a strategic plan for customer relationship management workable and result oriented. Such as a strategic plan would inculcate the principles of social media team, which has been identified as one of the world’s most modern means of succeeding in customer relationship management. In the plan therefore, there are four levels of social generations for the company. These four levels may well represent five years whereby one of the levels is implemented in each of the years. The four levels of social generations are discussed below. Level 1 – Generation of Social Relationship – Year 1 Though customers are the major money makers for every business, it is important that business owners and customer relationship managers see customers as an integral and socially bonding part of their companies. Most often than not, customers are seen as a reserved part of the business. For this reason, the customer is seen to be useful only when the company is sure to make some earnings from them. It has however been proven that this is an unworkable principle for maximizing the impact customers can make in a business financially. Though customers do not have defined portfolios in the running of business expect when they are shareholders, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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