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This annotated bibliography of 8 research tackles the theme organisational behaviour management focusing on positive organisation behaviour, emotions, moods, diversity and emotion, historical context research in organisational behaviour and emotional intelligence as a predictor of behaviour…
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Organisational Behaviour Management
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Extract of sample "Organisational Behaviour Management"

Download file to see previous pages The field of organisational behaviour ventures to explain and understand human behaviour in the context of an organisation. Griffin and Moorhead (2010) provided the definition of organisational behaviour as “the study of human behaviour in organisational settings, of the interface between human behaviour, and of the organisation itself” (p. 4). Hellriegel and Slocum (2007) explained the importance of studying organisational behaviour both for personal efficacy and organisational effectiveness. Hence, a working knowledge of organisational behaviour builds up the necessary competencies to achieve effectiveness on a personal and organisational level. Equipped with the essential competencies, employees, team leaders, manager, executives and any other member of an organisation can, therefore, contribute in their own little way to diagnose, understand, explain and act on emerging issues within the organisation as one cohesive unit.
The LePine, Erez, and Johnson (2002) article is a meta-analysis which complements the three aforementioned articles, but extended the coverage of these three articles into the more-encompassing concept of organisational citizenship behaviour with such characteristics as altruism, civic virtue, conscientiousness, courtesy and sportsmanship.
The articles of Brief and Weiss (2002) and Ashkanasy, Hartel, and Daus (2002) tackled similar affects of organisational behaviour: moods and emotions, and diversity and emotions, respectively....
A more profound understanding of moods, emotions and diversity will be instrumental in bringing out positive behaviour in the workplace. These two articles also demonstrated how a study of moods, emotions and diversity can foster positive and healthy working atmosphere. The Daus and Ashkanasy (2005) article is an important inclusion in this annotated bibliography on organisational behaviour management because an ability-based framework of emotional intelligence can help support the development of positive behaviours, organisational citizenship behaviour, and positive moods and emotions. Daus and Ashkanasy’s (2005) eloquent defence of their model against detractors buttressed the importance of emotional intelligence in organisational behaviour management, not just for leaders, but also for employees. The systematic review of Boudreau (2004) regarding organisational behavioural research revealed significant inputs about the progress of research in the various areas of organisational behaviour. The findings should serve as a guide for business and psychology researchers wanting to explore the virgin areas for scholastic inquiries, particularly in order to boost existing knowledge on positive organisational behaviour. Annotated Bibliography Research No. 1 REFERENCE Youssef, C. M. & Luthans, F. (2007). Positive organisational behaviour in the workplace: The impact of hope, optimism, and resilience. Journal of Management, 33(5), 774-800. AIM / PURPOSE The aim of the article was to detail the findings of the study which examined the relationship between the positive psychological resource capacities hope, optimism and resilience, and desired work-related employee outcomes; and how these psychological resources ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management Organisational Behaviour just that. When working positively, it produces much more than disparate individuals can; negatively it destroys quicker and faster than an aggregation of individuals working separately. A real life example of the operation of negative synergy has been mentioned by Ghoshal, Piramal and Bartlett in the working of Ranbaxy, the largest Indian pharmaceutical company. (Ghoshal, Piramal & Bartlett 2000, ps 201-202) They talk of how excellent people are recruited, and produce work below their capabilities, because "the company's legacy of a hierarchical, top-down management style proved to be very hard to shake off. Senior leaders found it very difficult to delegate responsibility Ranbaxy was their life, and they found it...
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