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How Google Xs Megan Smith is Helping Women in Tech - Book Report/Review Example

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The author of the present review "How Google X’s Megan Smith is Helping Women in Tech" comments on how does Megan Smith advocate for women recognition as business innovators. It is stated that published in the Fortune, the article points out to the business that has been directed towards women…
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How Google Xs Megan Smith is Helping Women in Tech
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Extract of sample "How Google Xs Megan Smith is Helping Women in Tech"

Download file to see previous pages She heads a lab that is focussed on developing technological innovations at Google X. Smith; a MIT trained mechanical engineer has facilitated the acquisition of Google Maps, Google Earth and even was among the first to secure deals for Android. Levin, D. (January 2, 2014).
The January 2, 2014 article, How GM is Making it near Impossible to Steal a Tahoe, by Levin Doron of the Fortune exposes the new security measures that have been placed on GM’s Chevrolet Tahoe. The car has been a potential target by thieves but with the enhanced security measures, an improvement is anticipated. It has been added a new standard locking steering column that makes it difficult to push the car away. In addition, the third-row seats have been bolted to ensure that thieves do not smash the rear window and steal them. On the other hand, a compartment behind the infotainment screen can be used for storage of valuables. It is also fitted with sensors (glass breakage sensors, tilt sensor, and interior motion sensors). To tighten the security GM’s On-Star satellite-based system is an additional intervention to facilitate tracking of stolen cars. These additional security features have the capacity to attract buyers. Isidore, C. & Fox, E. (January 13, 2014).
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray wins Car of the Year Honors, A CNNMoney article by Isidore and Fox dated January 13, 2014 features the GM’s vehicles that won the Automobile Magazine’s Car of the Year Honors. Based at the Detroit auto show, the awards went to Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and the Chevrolet Silverado for the Car of the Year honors and the Truck of the Year awards respectively. This ward is very influential in enhancing car sales. The Stingray has been improved from the earlier versions with the quality of the interior is enhanced, has 455-horsepower and is less costly. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Google Xs Megan Smith Is Helping Women in Tech Book Report/Review - 1.
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