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Evaluation of Environmental Impacts of Oil Exploration and Production - Research Proposal Example

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The research proposal "Evaluation of Environmental Impacts of Oil Exploration and Production" states that In the past, the processes of oil drilling in Iraq were mainly conducted in the southern part of the country in Basra, and in Kirkuk, which is located in northern Iraq. …
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of Environmental Impacts of Oil Exploration and Production"

Download file to see previous pages The Iraqi government has recently revealed its plans to construct additional refineries by 2017.
By October 2010, Iraq was drilling for oil in more than 80 oil fields across the Mesopotamian and Zagros basins (Williams 2009). This surge in oil production is thought to have been the result of the recent restructuring of existing fields and the increased production of oil in Kurdistan. While it would seem that increased production is beneficial to the country because it will further develop the living standards of Iraqi citizens, the reality of increased oil production is that it will only further damage the environment while increasing the riches of a select few in the national government. Iraq does not yet have the necessary structures to ensure that its citizens benefit from the national resources in the nation. This means that the only effect of exercises like oil drilling is the further destruction of an already damaged environment.

The objective 1-The objective of this study is to portray, by use of actual data, how oil drilling since 2003 has continued to further degrade Iraq’s environment, and therefore, the communities and animals that live there. It also aims to support calls for Iraq’s government to create more effective or practical programs that would contribute towards the prevention of the continued pollution of Iraq’s land, atmosphere, and water sources by oil products.
Objective 4 – To identify critical hazards such as structural failures of refinery machinery, oil smuggling operations, and tanker collisions which have, in the recent past, resulted in the large scale pollution of Iraq’s terrain and water sources.
(b) Iraq has numerous laws that aim to preserve the environment and protect it. Why is the national government unable to use these laws to penalize the multinational corporations that drill for oil and then process it using methods that further destroy the environment?  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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