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Should the US Continue Trade with China - Case Study Example

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This paper "Should the US Continue Trade with China" focuses on the fact that the trade activities between China and the United States of America (US) are determined to be a major aspect for the development of economic relationship amid these countries. …
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Should the US Continue Trade with China
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Extract of sample "Should the US Continue Trade with China"

Download file to see previous pages There is a multifaceted relationship between China and the US in relation to social, political, economic and security factors. The bilateral trade activities among these countries have been hampered due to various factors which include exchange rate of China, the rapid growth of the economy of China as compared to the US and other trade policies related issues. These are the various reasons which are determined to be affecting the trade between these countries. Moreover, two powerful countries i.e. China and the US with an unhealthy relationship with regard to trade and political factors among others may lead to nuclear war. In this respect, the trade activities in between these two countries should be reduced or discontinued with the motive of reducing trade issues (VanGrasstek, “The Benefits of U.S.-China Trade in Services”).

The paper intends to discuss the issues or factors which are responsible for the growing adverse trade relationship between the US and China. Moreover, the discussion will also emphasize on the fact that the reduction or discontinuation of the trade activities amid these countries will assist in having a better sustainable future.

The Chinese market is demonstrated to increase in a rapid manner over the years due to favourable trade policies and foreign investments. The developing economy of China is observed to be integrating with the economy of the US. The trading activities are seemed to be beneficial for the development of the economies of these two countries. However, there are certain issues which have been raised within the execution of trade activities between the US and China. The policies formulated in relation to economic development and trade practices are recognized to be distortive with respect to financial consideration. Moreover, these policies of the Chinese government were deemed to be adversely affecting the economic interest of the US.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should the US Continue Trade With China Case Study.
“Should the US Continue Trade With China Case Study”.
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