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Google or Comcast Antitrust Investigation - Essay Example

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Google is an American company that was recently investigated for alleged antitrust behavior. Google is a leading technology company based in the United States of America. A few years ago, the business entity came under scrutiny for breaching the antitrust laws. …
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Google or Comcast Antitrust Investigation
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Download file to see previous pages Google was accused of competing unfairly by introducing applications that were only compatible with their products. Google was also accused of colluding with Internet Service Providers. Most providers were proving the search engine as the default application, something that was considered as favoritism. The accusations did not go well with some of the industry players who felt that Google was engaging in unfair competition. Critics argued that the move was to eliminate smaller firms that did not have sufficient resources. However, the stakeholders of the two companies refuted the claims by arguing that the two organizations were in a different line of operation. The anxiety ignited the need for US department Justice to start an investigation to investigate the company for antitrust behavior. The strategic alliance between Google and other software companies was considered to be a formation of a powerful monopoly. Consequently consumer feared that the companies will introduce monopoly pricing where they could control price fixing since they had the market power (The Guardian, 2015).
Consequently, Google was summoned by the European Commission for behaving like a monopoly in the Android engine market. It was alleged that Google was taking advantage of the significant market share to isolate other application developers. The case of Google was not different from that of Microsoft that was once fined a considerable amount of money by incorporating Internet Explorer with its operating system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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