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The period of rapid economic growth occurs in 2003 with a growth rate of 6.0%.The upward increase was registered as compared to the…
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Download file to see previous pages The investment level brings the height of variation in output of the economy. When the economy is at maximum employment level, workers are capable of demanding increase in wages (Owyang, pp. 604-616).
The current US economy is encouraging with more jobs created. The recent statistics shows that 295,000 job opportunities were added by February this year. It was against the prediction by many economists who estimated approximately 235,000 job increase. There is a decline of five point five percent unemployment rate in US marking the least figure since 2008. There is an improvement compared to the past year that stood at 6.7%. The unemployment figure can be used to locate the state of the economy of US in the business cycle. Considering that there is a steady decline, it is true to say US is undergoing recovery after the past crisis they experienced (Khasnabis, pp.16-25).
Last month’s figures were disappointing where there was an addition of 126,000 job opportunities in US. It is an indication that market labor is ultimately tripped up by a wider slowdown in the economy. Going to the business cycle it can be focused that the economy will hit the expansion phase (Khasnabis, pp.16-25).
India has gone through rapid growth since the opening up of its economy in 1991. Policies of privatization were introduced making ten percent of the people come out poverty clutch. Currently, there is hope for the nation since they have registered some economic improvement. The analysis gives the position of India compared to other poor countries for a better understanding of the changes in the economy (Khasnabis, pp.16-25).
India is a weak nation. There are various measures to be used including the provided data. It can be defined in terms of per capita expenditure of calorie intake by an individual and pay back the cost of survival. Benchmarking on the statistics provided, purchasing power variability is key in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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