Effect of Unions on Workers - Essay Example

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For example labor unions always seek for the best interest of their members in terms of increased collective bargaining powers. The successful union must ensure better pay, good working…
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Effect of Unions on Workers
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Effects of Union on Workers Effects of Union on Workers What are the characteristics of successful unions? The features of successful unions rest on the accomplishments of their goals and objective. For example labor unions always seek for the best interest of their members in terms of increased collective bargaining powers. The successful union must ensure better pay, good working condition and other benefits (Australian Bureau of Statistics. 1998). Thus, successful unions will have powerful collective bargaining to realize the achievement of better-working conditions, wages and benefits. They also showcase fewer strikes as members welfare are unquestionable. For example, in the United States such unions as Teachers, professional athletes (NBA and NFL unions) and United Auto Workers are successful.
What should a successful union provide to its members?
The successful union must ensure the members welfare is to their best of interest. The union achieve this through increased collective bargaining and speaking with one voice. The unions, therefore, provide better wages and salaries, better working conditions and other benefits.
Are the unions, within certain professions, more likely to be successful?
The Unions within particular professional are most likely to be successful. From example, teachers and professional athletes in US have remained successful. This is because, there can be quickly banded together as they share teething problems. In addition, the union membership is vast and hence they remain a force to reckon as the government must proactively consider before squashing them.
Are there some policies, tactics that might make a union more successful?
The policies and tactics that make union successful is through active contribution to the union by members. Also, ensuring that the members adhere to the laws governing the union is central to the success of members. The unions can also use strikes and boycotts to convey their grievances to become stronger. Further, the union leadership is also key to the success of the union.
Is a certain political environment necessary or beneficial for the success of a union?
The political environment is necessary to unions. The government would always try to squash the activities. Therefore, those political environments such as political party’s campaigns may make promises to union members for support (Markowitz, 2000). When such parties ascend to power, they may fulfil the promises made to union members. On the other hand, when they fail, such members may find hardships.
Australian Bureau of Statistics. (1998). Employee earnings, benefits and trade union membership. Canberra: Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Markowitz, L. J. (2000). Worker activism after successful union organizing. Armonk, N.Y.; London: M.E. Sharpe. Read More
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Effect of Unions on Workers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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