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Poverty-Inequality Reduction in India - Term Paper Example

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India becomes the countries of choice because it has been experiencing major growth of its economy and has a large population which has…
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Poverty-Inequality Reduction in India
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Download file to see previous pages With about two third of the population living in the rural area, even urban poverty stems from the rural migration to the city. This paper is to take as through the various ways taken by the government in trying to reduce poverty. Besides, a person should be in a position to understand the poverty and inequality experienced in India. In addition, it is vital to understand the human poverty in India for the proper understanding of the topic of poverty inequality reduction in India.
India has been experiencing a less impressive growth when compared to China; however, compared with other developing countries the economic growth in India has been more impressing. The GPD of India has been on the rise for the last two decades. One of the major attributes to this growth in GDP, is based on the fact that India has experienced a reduction in population growth. In increase in the per Capita and the GDP has been linked to the amount of structural change (Ghosh, Madhusudan, pg 3). The rate of investment has increased over time. This situation has made India to have an increase in per capita growth, and this stands to about 36% increase, from the periods of 1990s. At the same time, the GDP level of Agriculture has decreased and is now found on the predictable line. However, not all sectors have experienced some economic growth or development. For instance, since 1990s, the secondary sector has not experienced some growth. On the sector of the tertiary sector, really increased and now accounts for almost half of the income of the nation.
The change experienced in the output shares did not go hand in hand with an equal change in the workforce distribution. This has been continuing despite of the reduction on the agricultural share and the collapse of employment generated from agricultural in the current decades. For the last two decades, the investment high rate has not contributed to a grater ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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